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Apple’s value briefly tops $3 Tn – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


For brief moment, Apple became the first company to top up $3 Tn valuation


The relentless rise in the Apple’s stock meant that its market valuation on Monday breached the milestone mark of $3 trillion. With this Apple became the first company in the world and corporate history to touch the $3 trillion valuation. However, the tech giant could not sustain this lofty valuation as its stock price dropped during the intra-day trading session. Experts cited Apple company’s bright prospect in the post-covid world and its relentless share buyback program as the main reason for its stock well in the market (Read more)        


Tesla opens showroom in China’s insurgent hit area

Elon Musk giving a talk at an event
Image Credits: Flickr Brad Holt

Tesla began its new year in China by unveiling the photos of its dealership showroom in the China’s Xinjiang area. The Elon Musk company shared the pics on Weibo, which is Chinese equivalent of Twitter. This is a controversial move considering that the Xinjiang area is a insurgency prone area and China has been often accused of human right violations in the region. In the past, Many US and global have been wary of doing any business in the  Xinjiang area (Read more)               


Did Jennifer Lopez gave birth to Google Images?  

Had it not been for Jennifer Lopez’s iconic 2000 Grammy appearance, today Google Images would not have existed. This has been claimed by the U.S. netizens who have credited the American model and singer for giving birth to Google images. . Netizens claim that Lopez’s Grammy appearance became such a massive rage that people obsessively searched for her images on Google, supposedly propelling Google to launch Google Images in 2001 (Read more)     


H&M joins Metaverse, starts virtual store

H&M, one of the world’s leading clothing brands, has now become the latest company to join the Metaverse bandwagon. The Swedish fashion clothing giant has reportedly opened its first virtual store in the Metaverse creek city (Read more).  

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