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Apple’s Retail employees are making efforts to from Apple’s first-ever trade union

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology. Bringing you the five biggest breaking news from the world of technology and tech business during the last 24 hours.


Apple’s Retail employees are making efforts to from Apple’s first-ever trade union

Has Apple acquhired music Analytics startup Asai.

Apple’s retail employees in a New York City store have started working to form what could be Apple’s first-ever trade union body. According to reports, employees working in NYC’s store in Grand Central Terminal have started collecting signatures to form a trade union body. Earlier this year, The Washington Post had claimed that three other Apple retail stores are also making dedicated efforts to form a trade union body. The Apple employees are demanding for better pay and social security benefits for full-time as well as part-time employees. The big tech giants are increasingly facing pressure from disgruntled employees who are now threatening to form trade union bodies for protecting their rights. Earlier this month, Amazon warehouse workers had voted to form to Amazon’s first ever trade union body in the U.S.


Brazil’s President is miffed with WhatsApp

Brazil’s right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro, who is preparing for a presidential election later this year, is reportedly angry with messaging platform WhatsApp. He is angry over WhatsApp’s decision to delay the launch of its new feature ‘Communities’ until the end of Brazil’s presidential election, which are scheduled in October this year. WhatsApp’s new upcoming feature ‘Communities’ aims to bring several WhatsApp groups under one roof and make group chat relatively easier. Experts claim that WhatsApp’s new feature would have proven pretty handy for Bolsonaro’s preparation for the upcoming election. Bolsonaro is believed to be a big-time propagandist and is known for using propaganda as a strategic weapon to beat his political rivals. By the way, unlike Brazil, WhatsApp users in other countries including India may not have to wait too long for the launch of ‘Communities.’ WhatsApp’s new feature is currently under beta testing.


Twitter’s upcoming ‘edit button’ will keep a track of your Tweet history     

Few weeks back, Twitter had made it official that it will soon launch its much-awaited ‘edit button.’ While the world continues to wait with bated breadth for Twitter’s edit feature, unconfirmed reports have started claiming that this edit button may track your Tweet history. Famous technology engineer Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted that Twitter’s upcoming edit button could leave a digital trace of your Tweet history. If there is any truth in this claim then it raises serious concerns about privacy issues and potential abuse of your Tweet history. Twitter has obviously maintained a silence over this matter. The micro blogging platform is expected to roll-out the edit button in the coming months.


Shareholders of Chinese ride-hailing major Didi to vote on U.S. delisting next month   

Didi Chuxing raises $13 billion in fresh round.

Shareholders of China’s biggest ride-hailing company Didi are scheduled to meet on May 23 to vote on its plan to voluntarily delist from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Didi had listed on NYSE in June last year at an IPO price of $14 and its IPO was pretty decently successful. But since last year Chinese regulatory have been unleashing regulatory crackdown against China’s big tech companies. As a result, All big Chinese tech companies including the likes of Alibaba and Tencent have been recently facing backlash from regulators. As a part of this on-going crackdown, last year in December Didi was warned by Chinese stock market regulator to delist itself from NYSE and list its stock on Hong Kong stock exchange. Didi’s shareholders are very unlikely to go China’s communist regime. Experts claim that Chinese communist government fears that China’s big tech companies can pose potential threat to its regime in future.


WhatsApp can soon let you hide ‘last seen’ status from specific contacts

Our today last trending news again comes from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is currently beta testing a feature that will allow users to hide their ‘last seen’ status from certain contacts. Currently, as we all know that WhatsApp does not allow this luxury to its users. As of today, WhatsApp users have to hide their ‘last seen’ status from everyone if they choose to use this feature. Now we all know that WhatsApp’s last seen status lets other users know when someone last opened the app and whether they checked the app without responding to your message. WhatsApp is currently testing this feature on both IOS and Android and is likely to launch this feature in coming months.

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