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Apple’s product roadmap for 2020 – Top Trending News


Apple’s product roadmap for 2020

Apple’s product roadmap for 2020 includes four new iPhones and an affordable HomePod speaker, according to a Bloomberg report. The report claims that newly launched iPhones will have flat edges somewhat similar like the current iPad Pro. Modeled around the current iPhone Pro, the two iPhones will feature three rear cameras and also LIDAR 3D scanning system. Another hint that the report gives is that the largest iPhone will have slightly larger screen than the present iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5 inch screen.


Zoom is shunning Chinese connection to slay Privacy concerns

From April 18, Zoom’s paid users will get to choose over which data center regions their online video conference will be routed. This important update comes after a recent report claimed that Zoom generated encryption keys of some of its users on a server based in China; this despite the fact that none of those users were physically located in China. Zoom has also reportedly assured that data of free user located outside China will not be routed through China.


Reddit unveils new policies on political ads

Reddit is all set to launch new ‘subreddit community” that will forever change the way political ad campaigns are run on its platform. In this new community, one will find important information about the individual advertisers, their target impressions and spending on per campaign basis. Reddit said that its renewed policies are part of its effort to bring transparency in political ad spending. With this, the platform has joined Facebook, which for long has been keeping the database of its political ad spends.


PayPal joins Coronavirus relief fund bandwagon

Image Credit: Flickr Official Gates

Online payment giant PayPal will be part of the U.S. government’s emergency lending program. This program essentially seeks to offer forgivable loans to small businesses that will help to keep their employees on payroll for several weeks. Following this step, PayPal has officially joined the global corporate bandwagon to help the world cope better with the ongoing pandemic. Other renowned like Square, owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, will also be part of the government sponsored program.      


 Facebook slashes ad rate to cope with pandemic affect

Mark Zuckerberg at a conferene
Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook has drastically cut ad rates to cope with the ongoing pandemic affect. According to media reports, the social media giant has reportedly witnessed significant drop in its advertising revenue in the aftermath of coronavirus lockdown. If these reports are indeed true then Facebook may have to brace for tough times ahead.     


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