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Apple’s new iPad Pros are incredibly Thin and comes with OLED Displays   

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Apple’s new iPad Pros are incredibly Thin and comes with OLED Displays   

At its much anticipated “Let Loose” event, Apple on Tuesday finally unveiled some new updates to its iPad Pro tablets. The new iPad Pro tablets comes with more powerful hardware internals and some refreshing design features. However, their most standout feature is the new OLED displays, which offers a superior viewing experience. Promising a better contrast, deeper blacks, and a brighter picture. In another big update, the new iPad Pros are the thinnest Apple device ever produced. It boosts just 5.3mm for the 11-inch model and an even slimmer 5.1mm for the 13-inch model. On top of that, they’ve packed it with the new AI focused M4 chip which boasts a significant performance jump.


OpenAI is working on a search engine for ChatGPT users

Rumours have been swirling in the market that OpenAI is creating a search engine specifically designed for ChatGPT users. ChatGPT’s search engine could potentially provide summaries of relevant webpages alongside links, making search results more user-friendly. There have been hints of its imminent launch, with OpenAI registering a domain name, “”, and obtaining a security certificate. It will be interesting to see if this new search engine by OpenAI could raffle the feathers of Google. It’s definitely an exciting development to watch out for in the AI world.


Cross-posting from Instagram to Threads could soon be possible

Meta is testing a feature that allows cross-posting from Instagram to Threads. This cross-posting functionality could potentially help in attracting more users to Threads by leveraging the existing Instagram content. It’s important to note that this feature is currently in a testing phase and is optional for users. Those included in the test can choose to share their photos from Instagram to Threads automatically or on a post-by-post basis. For now, the test seems to be focused on photo sharing only. There’s no word on whether other content types like Reels will be included in the future. We’ll have to wait and see if this approach proves successful in boosting Threads’ user base.


Meta rolls out new gen-AI features for advertisers

Meta has just announced that it is bringing image and text generation tools to their Advantage+ ad platform. Thanks to this update, advertisers can now create multiple variations of their ads automatically. This includes creating different image backgrounds or even modifying the subject of the image itself, alongside generating various text options for headlines and descriptions. This can save a significant amount of time compared to manually designing each variation. Moreover, using AI-generated ad variations can lead to better ad performance. Overall, this is a significant step towards automation in Meta’s advertising platform.   


TikTok files a lawsuit to prevent from being Banned

In response to a US government’s new law that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the US government, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has just filed a lawsuit against the US government. The lawsuit argues that the Biden administration’s law is unconstitutional, specifically violating First Amendment rights concerning free speech. One key point in the lawsuit is that the law doesn’t offer a real choice. While it allows for a potential sale of the US branch of TikTok to a US-approved buyer, the lawsuit argues this “divestiture” is practically impossible for various reasons. This lawsuit is expected to be a long and complex legal battle. It will likely take months, or even years, for a final decision to be reached       



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