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Apple’s Child Abuse Features Triggers off Employee backlash – Top Tech News


Apple’s Child Abuse Features Triggers off Employee backlash


The unabated backlash against Apple’s recent move to scan American customer’s iPhones and other devices has now got an interesting twist. The tech giant’s latest bold move is now facing relentless criticism from its own internal employees. According to Reuters, Apple’s internal Slack channel is flooded with concerns expressed by nearly 800 employees. These employees have claimed that Apple’s child protection feature can not only result in privacy invasion but also ruthless censorship.


NVIDIA builds a virtual replica of its CEO

Graphic processor giant NVIDIA made an interesting revelation on Wednesday about the April keynote presentation. The company said that the CEO Jensen Huang’s April keynote presentation was partially done by its replica. A replica that was generated by computer simulation and artificial intelligence. NVIDIA also said that company’s new venue presentation – a state-of-the-art kitchen – was also created with the help of computer simulation and AI.


Reddit’s Valuation soars to $10 Bn in new funding round

reddit logo

Social networking platform Reddit said on Thursday that it has raised $410 Mn in a fresh funding round at an eye-popping valuation of $10 Bn. This is Reddit’s second funding round in the ongoing year. Reddit was recently in news for its apparent impact on the financial world.


Alibaba unveils new sexual misconduct policy

Image Credit: Alibaba Facebook

In the wake of Alibaba’s female employee’s recent rape allegation, the Chinese tech giant said that it has taken number of steps to curb sexual misconduct practices. One of the important steps is that Alibaba has announced a special committee to look into sexual misconduct practices. The unique thing about this committee is that only female employees can be part of this committee.


Zoom’s new feature is all about helping students   

Zoom that is primarily known for business video conferences has now released a new product that is mainly targeted towards students. The new feature, called focus mode, helps to keep students away from distraction, the company has claimed. The new feature allows host & co-host to view and switch between each participant’s shared screen while participants can only view their own content.

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