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Apple working on Buy Now & Pay Later Feature – Top Tech News

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Apple working on Buy Now & Pay Later Feature

Has Apple acquhired music Analytics startup Asai.

Apple is currently working on a feature that will allow customers to make payment for Apple pay purchase in installments. This feature popularly known as ‘buy now and pay later’ is currently being used by many fintech players including top payment players like Pay Pal. Apple will be launching this product in collaboration with Goldman Sach, with the latter obviously offering loans to Apple customers.


Hype & Buzz around Zomato’s IPO

The ‘D’ day has finally arrived for Zomato as the India’s foodtech major seeks to list itself on India’s stock market on 14th, July (i.e. today). Although Zomato’s IPO is certainly likely to be oversubscribed, analysts have a mixed feeling over stock’s performance post-listing. Company’s over-priced valuation and long gestation period for achieving profitability are among investor’s primary concerns. Zomato, like slew of Indian startups awaiting IPO listing, is at present standalone loss-making company.


Cuba’s crackdown on social media

With Cuba witnessing unprecedented anti-government protests, the communist Latin American country has imposed slew of curbs on social media platforms. According to reports, people across Cuba are currently enjoying very limited access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram etc. Critics argue that the Cuba is resorting to this tactic to stifle the spread of anti-government feelings among the masses.


Whatsapp is borrowing this feature from Snapchat (Only for iPhone Users)

According to reports, Whatsapp is currently busy testing a feature that has been inspired by Snapchat. This Snapchat inspired feature allows users to check out the photos and videos and then it gets deleted automatically. There is lot of ambiguity over when Whatsapp plans to roll out this feature. By the way, this feature will be available only for IOS or Apple users.


Musk is facing heat over $2.6 Bn acquisition (here’s is why)

musk mediumImage source: Flickr

Elon Musk was made to attend a 8 hour court hearing to defend himself against a lawsuit over a matter pertaining to acquisition of SolarCity. SolarCity, a solar panel company co-owned by Musk and his cousin, was acquired by Tesla for whopping $2.6 Bn. The acquisition was made despite reservations expressed by Tesla’s investors and shareholders.   

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