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Apple will not roll out its VPN-like ‘private relay’ feature in China – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…


Apple will not roll out its VPN-like ‘private relay’ feature in China

Tim Cook Apple CEO  

Apple won’t roll out its new updated privacy feature ‘private relay’ in China. Apple unveiled its private relay feature  in its WWDC keynote on Tuesday.  The tech giant won’t launch this feature in dozen other countries. However, China’s expulsion from list has especially caught everyone’s eyes. The ‘private relay’ feature allows Apple users to hide their web browsing activities from their internet service provider and any other third party. This new feature is only available to iCloud paid subscribers.


Multiple Tech Websites hit by Global Outage


Multiple tech websites like Reddit, Bloomberg, New York Times, Twitch Paypal were hit global outage on Tuesday. According to reports, people across the world were not able to access these websites.


Apple will launch Siri on third party devices

Apple’s famous voice assistant Siri will be available finally on third party devices. Until now, Siri was only limited to Apple devices. However, the tech giant hasn’t shed light on names of devices that will soon have access to Siri.


One of Elon Musk’s top lieutenant has quit Tesla

image credits: Flickr

Jerome Guillen, one of the top executives of Tesla, has quit the company after a 10 year stint. The exact reason for Guillen’s resignation is still not known. He was widely seen as one of Musk’s close confidantes and apparently played a key role in making Tesla a successful EV vehicle brand.


Facebook says it won’t charge creators until 2023 – takes swipe at Apple

Taking a potshot at Apple, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that his company won’t charge a dime from creators until 2023. Interestingly,  Zuckerberg’s comments came moments before Apple’s developer conference. Since last year, Facebook and Apple have locked horns over internet and data privacy issues.

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