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Apple will no longer sell HomePod – Top Tech News

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Apple will no longer sell HomePod

Apple has announced to a leading news tech portal that it will no longer sell the HomePod smart speaker. Apple will discontinue selling the smart speaker brand as soon as it runs out of the existing inventory. When it was launched in 2018, HomePod was hailed as the most powerful speaker in the market. However, it was equally criticized for its exuberant price tag, with Apple justifying its premium price tag of $349 for its superior audio quality.


General Motors backed EV Startup accused of faking pre-orders

General Motors backed EV startup Lordstown Motors is finding itself in a dock after it was revealed that the startup has faked up its pre-order numbers. This startling fact came to light in a new report prepared by Hidenburg Research, a research company that has earned the uncanny reputation of bringing accountability to corporate affairs. Hidenburg opening a can of worms about Lordstown Motors has also raised uncomfortable questions about GM’s due diligence.


Huawei may have to opt of Brazil’s 5G auction

Over the years, Huawei has been forced to face the repercussions of Chinese aggression, with the Chinese telecom giant confronting series of bans in several international markets including the U.S. market. Now reports are claiming that the Brazilian government may keep Huawei out of the 5G auction despite latter’s heavy lobbying within the government circle. But Brazilian government, as per the reports, may allow Huawei to continue its normal operation across the country.


Tata inches closer to acquire 64% stake in BigBasket

According to reports, the Tata Group has filed an application with India’s regulatory body the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to pick up 64% in BigBasket. Rumors have been rife over the past few months that Tata is vying to buy majority stake in BigBasket as well as 1Mg and launch a super app in the market.


Why is Google miffed with Microsoft   

Google has openly launched a scathing attack on Microsoft for interfering in its ongoing spat with the news publication companies. Actually Microsoft was openly supportive of the proposed Australian law that forced Google to pay news companies for publishing their content on Google news platform. The search engine saw this as Microsoft’s blatant attempt to undermine Google’s lucrative business model.

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