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Apple Supplier Foxconn eyeing ‘Saudi Arabia’ to Build a $9bn Plant

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Apple Supplier Foxconn eyeing ‘Saudi Arabia’ to build its new manufacturing plant

Taiwan based Foxconn – one of Apple’s most renowned supply chain manufacturers – is seriously contemplating a plan to build a $9 Bn factory in Saudi Arabia. This has been claimed by a report published in The Wall Street Journal. The  WSJ report claims that Saudi Arabia government has received proposal from Foxconn to build a multi-purpose facility for manufacturing microchips, electric vehicle components and other electronics like displays (Read more)..


Uber’s rival Lyft will also add ‘fuel recharge’ to fares

Taking  a leaf from its arch rival Uber, Lyft has confirmed that it will also add ‘fuel recharge’ to its fare. This decision has apparently been taken in the wake of skyrocketing gasoline prices across America. Lyft said that its entire surcharge will go to the drivers. Uber’s surcharge is also applicable on electric vehicles but it is unclear whether Lyft will  too impose the surcharge on EV vehicles (Read more)…


Meta says can’t post death threats to Vladmir Putin

Putin with his bodyguards
Image Credit: Flickr Mitya Aleshkovsky

Meta has clarified that it won’t allow users including Ukrainian users to post death oassignation threats to Russian President Vladmir Putin. This clarification has come days after media reports suggested that Meta has allowed Facebook and Instagram to laxed its content policy by allowing users from certain countries to post violent threats against Vladmir Putin and the Russian army. However, Meta has maintain that it will continue to allow users to post violent messages against Russian army provided that they follow certain guidelines (Read more)


Does Facebook’s Metaverse Sucks?  Nintendo’s Ex-President certainly think so

Former Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils Aime believes that Metaverse certainly has a future but doubted whether Facebook has the ability to play an anchoring role in this emerging technology. Aime claimed that Facebook isn’t a innovative company and this might prove their biggest undoing as it clamours hard for success in Metaverse (Read more)


Fans troll Justin Bieber for spending $1.3 Mn on NFT

Few days back, Pop singer Justin Bieber proudly posted his latest NFT purchase – a Bored Ape Yacht Club  – on his Instagram page. However, Bieber’s fans were least amused by his latest NFT acquisition. The reason: Bieber reportedly spend whopping $1.3 Mn to buy the NFT, which is nearly 300% more than the market price. Most fans questioned Bieber’s decision while others mocked his decision (Read more)

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