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Apple sets date for WWDC 2024 – except big update on generative AI, IOS 18 & more

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Apple sets date for WWDC 2024 – except big update on generative AI, IOS 18 & more

Apple has finally announced dates for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which starts from June 10th and will run till June 14th. Apple enthusiasts can expect some big IOS updates including official curtain raiser of IOS 18. However, most people are apparently excited about some of the big AI announcements that the tech giant is likely to make at this year’s WWDC event. This could include several generative AI features in IOS 18 including AI-powered photo editing tools or even personalized Siri suggestions. There are also reports that Apple is looking to collaborate with big names like Google and OpenAI for adding generative AI features into IOS 18.


Adobe introduces ‘Structure Reference’ for Firefly AI for more Creative Control  

Adobe has just announced introduced a new feature called Structure Reference for their generative AI tool, Firefly AI. This is a significant update for designers and creatives using Adobe’s AI technology. Structure Reference basically allows users to upload an existing image as a guide for generating new images. Essentially, it captures the layout or arrangement of elements within the reference image. Previously, creating an image with a specific composition required detailed text prompts. This new feature eliminates that tedious process. Now, users can achieve the desired layout by using a reference image and letting the AI handle the heavy lifting. Overall, structure Reference seems to be a major step forward for Adobe’s generative AI tools.


Musk announces Grok AI will be available to all X Premium users

Elon Musk on Tuesday announced that Grok, the AI chatbot developed by his company xAI, will be available to all X Premium subscribers. This is an expansion from the previous system where only X Premium+ users had access. This means More X users will now be able to interact with Grok, potentially increasing its user base and influence. This move might also incentivize users to subscribe to X Premium, potentially boosting X’s subscription revenue. But more importantly this is likely to intensify competition in the AI chatbot space, where OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Gemini are dominant players. Musk had recently open sourced Grok, a move that was largely welcomed by the AI community.


Xbox Cloud Gaming finally launches mouse and keyboard support

Xbox Cloud Gaming just announced that it is finally launching mouse and keyboard support, but it’s still in beta and only for select games. This reportedly includes games like Fortnite, Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, and Age of Empires 2. For now, mouse and keyboard support seem to be limited to web browsers like Chrome and Edge when using Xbox Cloud Gaming. While not a full launch, this beta release signifies progress for Xbox Cloud Gaming. It allows Xbox Insiders to test the feature and provides a glimpse into the future of cloud gaming with more traditional PC controls.


Canva acquires UK based design platform Affinity

Canva, the popular design platform, announced the acquisition of Affinity, a UK-based company known for its professional design software suite. Although the financial details of the deal are still not known, it is reportedly Canva’s costliest acquisition till date. By acquiring Affinity, Canva gains access to a suite of professional design tools for photo editing, illustration, graphic design, and page layout. More importantly, this could help the company to compete better with Adobe, which is an industry leader in design software. It’s still unclear how Canva plans to integrate Affinity’s software with its own platform. Whether Affinity will remain a separate product or be folded into Canva remains to be seen.

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