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Apple Services Face Brief Outage (they are back now)

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Apple Services Face Brief Outage (they are back now)

Multiple Apple services on Monday faced a brief global outage, stopping users from accessing dozens of Apple services. Some of the key services that faced outage include Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple App Store, iMessage and fitness plus. The global outage began late afternoon. Initially Apple was hesitant in acknowledging the outage problem. But the company later acknowledged as scores of users took to social media and outage tracking website downdetector also reported the problem (Read more)                


Brazil Revokes Ban on Telegram app

In a major relief for Telegram app, Brazil’s supreme court lifted the nationwide ban on the instant messaging app. Barely two days ago, the supreme court had imposed a blanket ban on the Whatsapp rival, citing that the platform had failed to comply with the rules. But over the weekend Telegram app apparently clamored really hard to comply with these rules and placate the Brazilian officials (Read more)


China wants Bing to remove auto-search feature


Microsoft’s Bing, currently the only foreign search engine available in China, has reportedly received orders from Chinese authorities to temporarily ban its auto search feature. This is the second time since last year December that Bing has been asked to temporarily revoke some of its function in China. Bing has already compiled with China’s latest dictate as Chinese users were unable to access Bing’s auto search feature since last weekend (Read more)


Time Magazine to start accepting ApeCoin

Renowned publication Time Magazine has announced that it will soon start accepting Apecoin for its digital subscription. Time Magazine made the announcement on its official Twitter handle. Time Magazine already accepts cryptos including Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin from users for subscribing to its digital subscription. Currently, Apecoin is among the most popular and sought after NFTs (Read more)


Russian Court refuses to lift ban on Instagram & Facebook (But spares Whatspp)

A Moscow court refused to revoke nationwide ban on Facebook and Instagram, finding both the platforms guilty of instigating extremists activities against Russia. However, the Moscow court refused to impose any ban of Whatsapp, one of the core products and services of Meta. Although Telegram app’s popularity in Russia has soared in the aftermath of the war, Whatsapp is still by far the most popular instant messaging platform in Russia (Read more)

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