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Apple releases its major IOS 15 updates – Top Tech News

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Apple releases its major IOS 15 updates

Has Apple acquhired music Analytics startup Asai.

Apple has just rolled out IOS 15 updates for its iPhone and other Apple devices. This update is a major one as it comes with slew of new features. This includes capabilities of FaceTime to make calls to Windows and Android users, better AI abilities for precisely recognizing things and many more features (Click here)


Netflix rolls out a totally free streaming plan (available in Kenya for now)

Netflix has rolled a free streaming plan in Kenya in order to lure Kenya’s netzines. This is a standard practice of Netflix when it enters any new market. However, this entirely free plan is available for mobile android users and will boost a very limited content (Click Here).


Twitter agrees to pay over $800 Mn to a  Settle 2016 Lawsuit

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Twitter announced on Monday that it has agreed to pay nearly $800 Mn to settle a shareholder class action lawsuit. This lawsuit that was filed in 2016 had accused the microblogging giant of misleading the investors by providing them inflated growth numbers. This event had taken place when Richard Costolo was the CEO (Click here)


Jeff Bezos to give away $1 Bn to save environment

Image Credit: Flickr Goodread Bio

American Billionaire Jeff Bezos said on Monday that he has agreed to donate $1Bn for conservation efforts. This funds will be channelized through Bezos Earth Fund, which is a total $10 Bn funding corpus dedicated for activities related to environmental conservation. The official statement said that the latest tranche of $1 Bn will be largely used to support efforts around landscape restoration and food system transportation.


Google Meet to automatically adjust your webcam brightness

To provide better visibility to users during calls, Google Meet has launched a new feature that will automatically adjust webcam’s brightness in your browser. This is second time that Google Meet has rolled out a feature to improve the low light problem. (Click here).

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