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Apple Officially unveils ‘tap to pay’ feature for contactless payment – Top Tech News


Apple Officially unveils ‘tap to pay’ feature for contactless payment

Apple on Tuesday finally put all rumors to the rest after it officially unveiled much hyped up and talked about ‘tap to pay’ feature. This will be one of the upcoming features on all future iPhones that will allow businesses to make payment with a mere tap of their finger. Businesses or retailers won’t need dongles, terminals and other external hardware to make payment. Apart from Apple Pay, tap to pay’ feature will support digital wallets and contact-free debit and credit cards (Read more)


Signal app now easily lets you change your mobile number (without losing your chat history)

WhatsApp’s rival Signal app has introduced a new feature that will allow its users to switch to new mobile number without the apparent risk of losing their data. They won’t be losing their existing chats, groups and messages. This new feature that allows Signal users to easily switch to new mobile phone or mobile number will be available on both Android and IOS users (read more)


Religious leaders want ‘Instagram kids’ to be preeminently scrappedswitch Instagram accounts

Several prominent religious leaders in the U.S. have reportedly written a letter to Meta’s CEO mark Zuckerberg, urging him to permanently stop the plan to launch Instagram’s Kid version. In the letter, religious leaders have written that that any social media platform that has been specifically designed for kids will have adverse impact on the kids. Instagram and its parent company Meta has already faced several flaks for planning to launch a kids version of the photo sharing app. In the wake of growing criticism, the social media giant decided to without the plan in September last year (Read more)


Peloton, which is in talks with Amazon and Nike for acquisition, has just fired 2,800 employees

Exercise equipment maker Peloton has been recently making headlines for its plummeting fortunes. Now amid its ongoing acquisition talks with Amazon and Nike, Peloton has announced that it will be firing 2,800 employees as part of its cost-cutting measure. The company has also hired a new CEO after incumbent CEO John Foley decided to step down. The company is supposedly under tremendous pressure from investors to improve its financial position (Read more)


Disney+ hosts its first-ever live event

In a first, Disney+ on Tuesday streamed a live event after it did the live broadcasting of the 94th annual academy award nomination ceremony. This live streaming  was available to all the Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. Disney+ has made it clear that it will keep experimenting with live streaming in the future as well (Read more)

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