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Apple Music faces Outage, other Apple Services also affected

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Apple Music faces Outage, other Apple Services also affected       

Several leading Apple services including Apple Music and Apple Store faced a massive downtime problem on Monday throughout the U.S. Even neighboring countries Mexico and Canada were partially impacted by these outages. Users are also facing problems in accessing iTunes and Google News, as per the media reports. Online monitoring outage platform Downdetector has confirmed about Apple’s outage. At its peak, more than 3,300 Apple Music user faced outage problem while 2,200 App store users also reported the downtime problem. Apple has so far not officially commented on this issue.


Say hi to ‘Tongi Qianwen,’ Alibaba’s version of ChatGPT

Image Credit: Alibaba Facebook

China’s tech giant Alibaba on Monday unveiled Tongi Qianwen, a generative AI model that is very much similar to ChatGPT. Alibaba now plans to integrate Tongi Qianwen across all its all its internal business application before launching it to public for the commercial use. Alibaba claims that its AI chatbot can do host of things including writing emails, draft business proposals, summarizing business notes and much more. Last month, China’s search engine giant Baidu had also unveiled its AI chatbot to the public though its AI chatbot failed to excite the investors and general public. Encouraged by the massive success of ChatGPT, China’s big tech giants have been busy in producing ChatGPT clones but so far they haven’t met with much success.


OpenAI is planning to open Office in Japan

chatgpt internal server error

OpenAI, the parent company behind the sensational chatbot ChatGPT, is seriously considering the plan to open a office in Japan. This report has emerged after OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Altman said in a note that his company his hoping to build an AI that will help Japanese government in reducing its workload and increasing its over all productivity. This is probably first time that any country’s government has directly held talks with OpenAi for developing an AI technology, This should spell good news for OpenAi especially after Italy announced that it is banning ChatGPT over privacy concerns.


Twitter’s EX-CEO Parag Agrawal sues Elon Musk over Unpaid Bills

Elon Musk at the event of launch of Gigafactory in China
Image Credits: Tesla Twitter

Twitter’s EX CEO Parag Agrawal along with two former executives, who were sacked by Elon Musk in October last year, have now filed a law suit against the company. The lawsuit seeks financial reimbursement from Twitter for costs involving litigations, investigations and congressional enquiries that supposedly amounts to millions. As per the lawsuit, Agrawal and the other two top executives personally incurred most of these costs and Twitter is legally bond to pay them. Musk has so far not responded to this development. Musk’s takeover of Twitter has anything but a smooth affair and the latest lawsuit by Agrawal is yet another proof of that.


Tesla to open a new mega factory in Shanghai

American EV carmaker Tesla is all set for another big manufacturing expansion in Shanghai where it already has a big manufacturing plant. The Elon Musk led company has signed a new agreement with the Chinese government to start a new mega factory. However, this new mega factory won’t be producing Tesla cars but megapack batteries. A megapack is usually a large battery used for utilities that stores energy, helps in stabilizing the power grid and prevents outage. Tesla is planning to start the construction of this new mega factory during the third quarter of this year and is aiming to begin the production somewhere in the middle of 2024.

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