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Apple likely to postpone its mixed-reality headset until 2023 – Top Tech News


Apple likely to postpone its mixed-reality headsets until 2023 (here’s why)


Apple may delay its much anticipated mixed-reality headsets either by late 2022 or early 2023, according to Bloomberg. This delay is likely to be caused because Apple is supposedly facing overheating, camera and software problems. As and when Apple launches its mixed reality headset, it will be a big add-on to its product category and will mark its foray into the world of augmented and virtual reality (Read more).       


Netflix increases subscription prices in the U.S. and Canada


Streaming giant Netflix has increased its monthly subscription prices in the U.S. and Canada. The price of the basic plan has increased from $1 to $9.99, the standard plan from $13.99 to $15.49 and the premium plan from $17.99 to 19.99, according to Netflix website. Wall Street reacted favorably to this news as prices of Netflix stocks jumped up following the price rise (Read more).   


Ukraine faces massive cyber-attack; Russia is blamed

Ukraine witnessed a massive cyber-attack of on its several government websites on Friday. Many of its prominent websites including ministry of foreign affairs and education ministry were knocked off. The initial blame has been put on Russian hackers. The tension between Russia and Ukraine has been mounting since past few weeks (Read more).        


Google makes its mandatory for office workers to get weekly covid test

Image Credits: Flickr Trent Marinelli

Google has laid down new COVID guidelines for its employees as well as non-employees visiting its U.S. offices.  As per the guidelines, a weekly COVID test is compulsory for anyone visiting its U.S offices and facilities. This temporary guidelines have come in the wake of sporadic increase in COVID cases after highly contagious omicron variant became a potent threat (Read more)


Facebook’s VR business faces anti-trust scrutiny

Since last year Facebook has been facing relentless regulatory scrutiny. Now adding further misery for the social media giant, FTC is also now reportedly probing Facebook’s VR business unit for alleged anti-trust practices. Multiple state attorneys are also probing whether Facebook’s VR business unit resorted to any unfair means to throttle competition in the market (Read more)

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