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Apple is scaling back the production of Vision Pro Headset

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.  


Apple is scaling back the production of Vision Pro Headset

Apple has been compelled to cut down on its production target of Vision Pro headset due to challenges arising on the design front. According to the Financial Times, Apple had initially set the target of manufacturing 1 million headset for the entire year of 2024. However, the company is now planning to produce fewer than 400,000 units. Apple is reportedly having difficulty sourcing some of the components needed to manufacture the device, which the company claims is more complex than anticipated. Apple still hasn’t announced a specific release date for the Vision Pro, but it is expected to hit the market in early 2024.


Japan is embracing more relaxed rules for artificial intelligence

The image depicts the picture of artificial intelligence.

Japan is reportedly adopting less stringent rules for governing artificial intelligence or AI than the European Union or EU. Unlike the EU, Japan may not make it mandatory for companies to disclose how their AI systems work, as well as the data they use to train them. According to reports, the Japanese government is of the view that these relaxed set of rules will help in promoting innovation in AI and eventually help Japan in establishing supremacy in the field of artificial intelligence. However, reports claim that officials in EU are not all that happy with Japan’s decision to go soft on AI regulations.


Bluesky is witnessing boom in traffic as Twitter imposes rate limit

Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform backed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is seeing a huge bump in the traffic since last 48 hours. What apparently caused a major spike in the traffic is Elon Musk’s latest decision that Twitter would temporarily cap the number of posts users could read per day. Meanwhile, a sudden spike in the traffic has caused server issues for BlueSky and it has temporarily paused sign-ups on the platform. Although BlueSky is Twitter’s direct competitor, it is still an invite only platform and continues to be in beta phase.


Blue Origin looking for launch site Outside U.S

Blue Origin, the rocket company owned by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, is on a expansion mode. It is currently looking for launch location site outside the U.S. and is hunting for locations in Europe, South America, and Australia. However, the company has still not zeroed on any location. It is also looking for partnerships and acquisitions in Europe and beyond. “We’re looking for anything we can do to acquire, to scale up to better serve our customers,” Blue Orion’s Bob Smith said. Having launch location outside the U.S. may help Bezos’ rocket company to compete better with its competitors including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which has already launched several successful crewed and unmanned mission to the international space station.


Apple planning to add built-in temperature sensor in AirPods

If everything goes according to the plan then Apple AirPods may soon be able to check your body temperature and hearing abilities. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on new health features for its AirPods Pro, including a built-in temperature sensor that can accurately check your body temperature. Simultaneously, Apple also reportedly wants to position AirPods Pro as a hearing aid. The tech giant has even hired engineers with experience working on traditional hearing aids. To make people hear better, AirPods Pro could be equipped with features like noise cancellation and directional audio.      


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