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Apple is making personal robots for your home chores, Bloomberg claims

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Apple is making personal robots for your home chores, Bloomberg claims

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Try imagining a robot manufactured by none other than tech giant Apple that will do all your daily tasks at your home. Guys this possibility is very much possible. That’s because Apple has reportedly created a dedicated team that is currently working on different home robotic devices. According to unconfirmed reports, the tech giant is specifically working on two types of robots. First is a robot that can move around your house and follow you wherever go while second is a device with a robotic arm that can move a display on a tabletop. However, these are still early days for Apple’s home robotics. There is still no guarantee that this project will see a day of light.


You can now edit DALL·E images in ChatGPT itself

ChatGPT users now no longer have to switch to DALL·E app to create and edit images. They can do all that in ChatGPT itself. OpenAI has just announced that it has fully integrated its image creating tool DALL-E into its popular chatbot. That means you can create or edit any images within the familiar ChatGPT interface. This is indeed a powerful update as it will streamline and simplify the image creation & editing process. However, mind you, there is a catch. This feature is currently available only to paid ChatGPT users. OpenAI hasn’t said anything whether it plans to introduce this feature to ChatGPT 3.5, which is the free version of ChatGPT.


Spotify is increasing its subscription prices in these countries  

Spotify’s subscribers may soon have to shell more money to enjoy paid features. The audio streaming giant is planning to increase its subscription prices. However, increase in the subscription prices may not happen across the markets but only in select markets. According to reports, these select markets might include UK, Pakistan and Australia. The company might also hike prices in the US market later this year. The increase in subscription prices is likely to be around $1 to $2 per month. This is the second price increase in about a year for Spotify, which has been desperately trying to increase its revenue. It’s important to note that Spotify might also be introducing a new subscription plan with the same current price of $11 but without audiobooks.


Facebook launches new video player with slide bar edit

Facebook is finally catching up with TikTok by rolling out a new video player that will display Reels, longer videos, and Live videos uniformly. All videos will now appear full-screen, even those filmed in landscape mode. But the main attraction of the new player is slider at the bottom of the screen, which will make scrubbing through videos very easy, something that is already a standard feature on YouTube and TikTok. This update is currently available only to Android and iOS users in the US and Canada, with a global rollout planned in the coming months. Although Facebook might be bit late in launching this feature, it’s still a welcome improvement for users who want more control over their video watching experience.

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