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Apple is issuing massive bonuses to employees poached from Meta – Top Tech News


Apple is issuing massive bonuses to employees poached from Meta

Apple Inc has been the main beneficiary of Meta’s relentless loss of talent this year. It has poached many key talents from Mark Zuckerberg’s company as it looks to beef up its mixed AR headset project. Now Bloomberg’s latest report has thrown a twist to this poaching saga. The report claims that Apple is offering rare bonuses of restricted stock worth $50K-$180k to engineers that have been poached from Meta (Read more)       


Elon Musk continues to offload stake in Tesla

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold another 9,34,090 shares or nearly $1.02 Bn worth of his holding in the electric vehicle company. The celebrity CEO has been on the stock selling spree since last few weeks as part of his efforts to shore up his cash reserves. Most of these cash will go in paying Musk’s massive tax bill (Read more)  


Alexa Echo is found of encouraging sexual habits


Smart home device Alexa Echo has been found of encouraging enticing sexual habits in a ten year old kid. According to confirmed reports, Echo asked a 10 year old kid to participate in a penny challenge, asking ten year old kid to touch the prongs of a plug connected to a wall outlet. Amazon has already given official response to this controversial incident (Read more)


Google’s Waymo to partner with China’s Geely to make electric vehicles in the US


Waymo, Alphabet Inc’s autonomous driving unit, has entered in partnership with China’s automaker Geely to manufacture all-electric self-driving vehicles. However, both companies haven’t given the exact time frame for the production of these cars. Geely has also entered in partnership with Baidu to develop electric vehicles in China (Read more)  


Paris Hilton joins metaverse business  

The futuristic technology of Metaverse has been making lot of noise off late. Encouraged by this growing chorus, American reality TV celebrity Paris Hilton has now joined the Metaverse bandwagon. Paris Hilton’s virtual version will now join Roblox island, a virtual island owned by Hilton (Read more)   

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