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Apple has started pulling off Wordle game Clones from its app store – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Apple has started pulling off Wordle game Clones from its app store

Apple Inc issued a statement on Wednesday that it has initiated the action of removing the clones of Wordle game from its app store. Wordle is a website only word game that has seen massive surge in popularity recent weeks. Since the game does not have a app version, many developers started creating the clones of the Wordle game on the Android app store and Apple’s app store. The Wordle game has been developed by the former Reddit engineer josh Wardle (Read more)


Microsoft hires Apple veteran to design Azure Chip

Logo of Microsoft….

Microsoft has hired a key semiconductor designer from Apple as it accelerates the process of designing its own chip for Azure server, according to Bloomberg. The name of this semiconductor designer is Mike Flippo, who had joined Apple in 2019. This is the second instance that Microsoft has managed to poach a key talent from Apple’s chip team in recent weeks. Over the years, the cloud computing business has proved to be a money spinner for Microsoft (Read more)


GM plans to make online marketplace for used cars, the website will be called ‘CarBravo’

Photo by Steve Fecht / General Motors

U.S. auto giant General Motors (GM) is planning to foray into the ‘used car’ marketplace by launching its own online marketplace website. This website will be called ‘CarBravo’ and is likely to be launched in ‘spring 2022’ and will compete with the used car retailer and market leader Carvana (Read more)    


After six months, Nigeria has revoked ban on Twitter   

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Nigerian government has decided to revoke the ban on microblogging platform Twitter. This decision to revoke the ban comes almost seven month after it first declared the crackdown on the social media platform. The Nigerian government said that the social media giant now meets the new guidelines  and rules. Nigeria had suspended Twitter on June 4, 2021 (Read more)


Windows 11 will have a new volume indicator

 Windows 11 will have new volume indicator that will resonate with overall Windows 11 design. The new volume indicator looks far more soothing. Windows hasn’t changed its indicator since 2012 when it launched Windows 8 in the market (Read more)

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