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Apple Dethrones Samsung in the smartphone market  

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Apple dethrones Samsung in the smartphone market  

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Apple has scored a major victory against its arch-rival Samsung. Apple has dethroned the South Korean giant to become the global leader in smartphone shipments in 2023. This is the first time that has achieved this milestone since 2010, and it comes despite a decline in the overall smartphone shipments worldwide. According to market research firm IDC, Apple shipped an estimated 234.6 million smartphones in 2023, compared to Samsung’s 226.6 million. This means Apple holds a 20.1% market share, while Samsung holds 19.5%. Apple dethroning Samsung marks a significant shift in the global smartphone industry. However, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will keep quiet. The South Korean giant will surely give a fitting response to Apple.


Apple has just revised its App Store Rules (Here’s what you should know)

Apple has just made an important change to its App Store rules in the United States. Apple will now allow developers to include links to external payment methods for in-app purchases. This means that developers will no longer be forced to use Apple’s payment system if they don’t want to. However, it is important to note that Apple will still charge a commission on purchases made outside of its App Store. But the commission will be lower than the standard 15-30% fees. For developers who are part of Apple’s Small Business Program, the commission will be 12%. For larger developers, the commission will be 27%. The new rules only apply to apps in the US App Store.


Sam Altman says he was ‘shocked’ when he got fired from OpenAI

Sam Altman has finally opened up about his sudden firing from OpenAI last year. Speaking at a private gathering in Davos, Altman said that he was completely shocked and was caught off guard when the news of his sudden firing was revealed to him. Altman further added that he was not sure if he would ever make a comeback in OpenAI. Altman’s sudden ouster from OpenAI in November last year triggered a chain of dramatic events, eventually culminating in Altman’s reinstalment as the CEO of the company. Following ChatGPT’s sensational success, Altman became a poster boy of the AI industry and his sudden firing from OpenAI last year had become a major talking point across the world.


Gmail Android app finally gets a Unsubscribed Button

Are fed up of getting huge number of spam and unwanted mails in your Gmail account. Well, here is some really good news. The Gmail Android app has finally added the unsubscribe button, which would make it easier to unclutter your Gmail inbox. The unsubscribe button will be available in the form of a one-tap unsubscribe option. This will make unsubscribing incredibly easy, which would save your much needed time and frustration. However, the rollout of the “Unsubscribe” button will be gradual, so you might not see it yet in your Android Gmail app. With this move, Gmail Android app has finally caught up with its iOS counterpart, which already offers unsubscribe button to its users.


Uber & Tesla join hands to increase EV adaptation  

how to delete uber driver account

Uber and Tesla are teaming up to make it easier for Uber drivers to switch to electric vehicles. This partnership is a significant step towards Uber’s ambitious goal of having zero emissions in U.S. and Canadian cities by 2030. Uber is offering its drivers discounts of up to $2,000 on Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, in addition to existing federal tax credits. This can make switching to an EV much more affordable for drivers. Uber is also working with Tesla to identify areas where charging stations are most needed for drivers. It’s still too early to say how successful this partnership will be, but it certainly looks a promising step in the right direction.

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