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Apple Car rumors are back – Top Tech News

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Apple Car rumors are back

Apple logo on building
Logo of Apple. Image Credits: Flickr Adam Fagen

Remember those rumors back in 2015 that claimed that Apple is trying to develop its own car. Expectedly, these rumors had made everyone excited but this excitement didn’t last long as Apple scaled down the project very next year. In fact, some people may be surprised to know that Apple also has a full-fledged car team, which had laid-off 200-250 people last year. However, these rumors have once again new life with Reuters claiming that Apple is once again planning to develop its own vehicle passenger cars by 2024 including a breakthrough battery technology. (Source).


Snoop Doggs’ VC arm Verde Capital raises $100 Mn

Snoop Doggs has its own venture capital firm, with the popular rap singer being one of its co-founders. According to reports, Verde Capital has just raised $100Mn funding corpus that will be invested in the cannabis industry. Verde Capital is essentially a cannabis focused VC firm. Over the last year, Cannabis industry has been witnessing unprecedented boom. But few critics claim that this boom is similar to the tech boom of 90’s and can bust anytime.


Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell have joined hands to fight a legal battle against Israeli hacking company

It is not always that we get to see big tech companies coming together. However, sometimes they do come together when their mutual interests are served as it seems to have happened in the ongoing Facebook Vs NSO legal battle. It is been reported that all tech giants including Facebook and Google have become part of Facebook’s legal battle against hacking company NSO. Facebook’s lawsuit argues that Israeli company’s hacking tools are way too powerful and dangerous. Facebook had filed a lawsuit against NSO last year after disclosing that the cyber surveillance firm was exploiting a bug in WhatsApp and was breaching its privacy (source).


SoftBank joins SPAC bandwagon, all set to launch its own acquisition company

SPAC stands for ‘special purpose acquisition company,’ which has sort of become a craze in the corporate world over the last few years. Now tech giant SoftBank has decided to join the ‘SPAC’ craze. SoftBank said on Monday it will soon launch its own acquisition company that will look to raise $525 Mn from the market. ‘SPAC’ is also referred as blank-check-companies, which essentially involves investment vehicle that enters the public market and then uses the same money to merge with a private company.


Facebook’s child abuse detection tools faces problems in EU

Facebook has said it has been forced to switch off some of the features of its child abuse detection tools to comply with EU’s new directives. However, Facebook has said that changes have been made only to messaging services and not all content uploaded on its platform.

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