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Apple accused of overlooking ‘sexual harassment’ behavior against female employees

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Apple accused of overlooking ‘sexual harassment’ behavior against female employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Nearly 15 current and ex-employees of Apple have accused the company’s HR department of intentionally overlooking sexual harassment practices prevalent in the company. From sexually bullying to texting obscene messages, these 15 Apple employees made many damaging allegations in an interview given to The Financial Times. They further accused that the tech giant’s HR department choose to turn completely blind and were even hostile when they complained about the sexual harassment. Reacting to these allegations, Apple said that it will take steps to improve the work culture and work ethics in the company.


Wazrix accused of money laundering by Indian government

The Indian government on Thursday confirmed on the floor of the parliament that the crypto exchange Wazrix is currently facing investigation for money laundering charges. What is even more interesting, the finance ministry official told the Rajya Sabha that Wazrix’s parent company Binance is also facing ED investigation for money laundering allegations. The minister said that both companies allowed the outward remittance of crypto assets worth over Rs 2,700 crores through illegal means. Wazrix’s multiple offices were raided by the ED official barely a few months back. Over all, it has been tough times for the crypto exchanges. The government recently imposed heavy tax on all crypto transactions while the ongoing bloodbath in the crypto market has left the crypto exchanges unnerved.


Tiger Global makes partial exit from Zomato

The New York based VC giant Tiger Global has made a partial exit from the foodtech delivery company Zomato. Tiger Global’s Singapore unit sold its 2.7% stake in the foodtech delivery in the open market, with the VC giant still owing a little over 3% stake in Zomato. This disclosure about the stake sale came barely hours after Uber sold its entire 7.7% stake in Zomato through a block deal. Although Zomato’s stocks have been performing well for the last two days, the company’s stocks have been on a free-fall since the past few months. The company’s stocks are currently trading at Rs 56 per share, nearly 60% below its IPO price.


Instagram starts rolling out NFT feature in international markets

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Meta owned platform Instagram has announced that it will soon start expanding its NFT feature in more than 100 countries spread across Africa, Middle East, Asia-pacific and Latin America. Mark Zuckerberg had officially announced the launch of the NFT feature on the Instagram platform back in May. But back then this feature was only limited to the U.S. market. Instagram users can upload their digital collectibles in their account and sell them by using a third-party wallet. However, it is still not known whether the NFT feature will be made available in the Indian market or not.


Lowering AC below 27 degree is legally banned in Spain

Fighting rising energy prices amid the rising heat wave has forced Spain to pass a rather bizarre law. The Spanish government has now legally mandated to set the air condition at or above 27 degrees Celsius in all public places inculding shopping malls, airports and train stations. The government believes that this new rule will help in saving its energy costs. In fact, Spain is so desperate in keeping its energy cost under control that the country’s Prime Minister has requested employees to remove their ties to keep themselves cool. Spain and many European countries are currently facing an energy crisis for imposing ban on energy import from Russia due to the ongoing Russia- Ukraine war.

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