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Amid outage, Wazrix crosses $350 Mn in Daily Trading Volume

India’s largest crypto exchange Wazrix has surpassed $270 Mn in trading volume. This has prompted the company to claim that this is the highest ever trading volume clocked by any  cryptocurrency exchange in India. Wazrix’’s founder Nischal Shetty broke the news on his Twitter handle.

The company has achieved this new milestone barely a day after it crossed $200 Mn in daily trading volume.

Below is the screenshot of the Nischal Shetty’s tweet announcing about the new milestone….

Shetty tweeted the above tweet with the hashtag #Indiawantscrypto, reflecting Indian crypto industry’s rebellious mood amid regulatory pressures to ban crypto trading in India.

However, as Wazrix was busy scaling the new heights, it faced outage issues and subsequently faced customer’s wrath. To allay the fear of investors as well as customers,  Wazrix’s founder again took to the Twitter and tweets several tweets over downtime issues.

In one of the tweets, Shetty said that increasing trading volume is certainly taking a toll on its infrastructure and the team is working on it.

Below is the screenshot of Shetty’s several tweets on downtime issues..

Over the years, Wazirx has emerged as one of the most successful platform in India’s crypto exchange world. Its success was officially testified when the global crypto exchange behemoth Binance acquired Wazrix in 2019. The deal marked Binance’s first-ever investment in India’s lucrative yet fledging cryptocurrency market.

According to CoinMarketCap, Wazirx is the 27th top crypto exchange globally based on traffic, liquidity, trading volumes and confidence in legitimacy.

Over the last one year, India’s fledging crypto industry has been facing regulatory pressures amid increasing chorus to impose blanket ban on crypto trading. Although last year Supreme Court gave a reprieve by striking down RBI’s order to forbid banks from Crypto trading, the jeering noise around ‘crypto ban’ has once again started picking momentum..

Last year, Techpluto had conducted an exclusive interview of  BuyUcoin’s co-founder and CEO Shivam Thakral. To read the complete interview, please click here.

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