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Amid China Tech Crackdown, ByteDance is eyeing for an IPO – Top Tech News

Here are the top tech news from the world of technology


Amid China Tech Crackdown, ByteDance is eyeing for an IPO

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TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is planning for an IPO in Hong Kong stock market by early 2022, media reports claim. As per Financial Times, ByteDance management is currently proactively working towards filing IPO application with the stock market regulators. However, there is no clarity as to how much capital TikTok’s parent company plans to raise from the capital market. Notably, reports of ByteDance IPO has emerged at a time when China’s big tech companies are facing regulatory crackdowns. Alipay, Tencent and Didi Chuxing are some of the big tech companies that are being currently gauged by the big tech companies.


Google is planning a new Silicon Valley Campus

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Google is planning to build another sprawling campus in the silicon valley. According to a report published in CNBC, the new campus will primarily focus on Google’s hardware biz. The company has tentatively named this campus as ‘Midpoint’ and will reportedly build five buildings in this campus. Google’s current campus is located near mountain view. Experts claim that the fact Google is planning such a campus testifies its serious intention about hardware biz, which has never been its forte.


Apple’s decision to fight child nudity has badly rankled the privacy advocates  

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Last week, Apple announced last week that it will take steps to reg flag the images of Child nudity and exploitation on iCloud storage and will report the same to concerned authorities. While the child right activists have lauded the move, the privacy advocates have criticized the decision. Many privacy advocates and experts claim that this move will lay a wrong precedence and iPhone users may be especially wary about their privacy. However, other big tech players like Google and Facebook have taken similar steps for taking down child nudity content from the platform.


Apple confirms delay in opening of its first retail store  

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Apple has officially confirmed that the opening of its first retail store in India has been duly postponed. Last year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had announced that India will very soon have its own Apple store. The store was being planned in India’s financial capital Mumbai. However, opening of the store has been pushed ahead due to the covid situation.


Mozilla lost nearly 50 Mn users during last three years

Over the last few years, Mozilla Firefox has aggressively made efforts to attract privacy concerned neitzens to its platform. However, such well-intended move have apparently not helped Mozilla in sustaining the competition. According to Mozilla’s very own public data report, the platform lost nearly 50 Mn users over the last three years. Firefox, by the way, remains the only viable competitor for Google’s chrome and Apple’s Safari.     

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