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Amazon Launches Artificial Intelligence Powered Camera Deeplens

Amazon launches AI powered camera Deeplens.

Amazon is one of the several renowned tech companies that are on  roll as far as artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned. It is no secret that the e-commerce giant is exploiting AI’s potential to hilt in warehouse management. Now turning another page in this AI chapter is Amazon’s subsidiary company Amazon Web Services (AWS), which today unveiled an AI powered camera called Deeplens. The unveiling was done at AWS’ annual re: Invent conference.

Deeplens has been primarily developed to take camera’s recognition capabilities to another level. This camera will seek to achieve this by its pre-trained image recognition models. By the virtue of this in-built technology, this HD camera helps you to detect cats, dogs several faces and host of everyday objects. This means that anyone who wants to make an application around these objects can do so without having to develop set of algorithms from scratch.

If anyone wants to make an application around other objects, then Deeplens can take help from the newly launched SageMaker to achieve this. Amazon’s SageMaker, which was also unveiled today, is a fully-managed algorithm service that allows technically advanced people to easily deploy machine learning models at any scale.

Meanwhile, Deeplens is a hot catch as far as the configuration goes. It comes with 4MP camera, 1080p HD video capabilities and is equipped with Wi-Fi, a micro SD slot, and 8 GB of memory. It has been priced at $249 and will be available in the American market from April 2018. However, customers who are in real hurry can pre-order this product from today itself.

The launch of Amazon’s Deeplens may look little conspicuous, given that it comes barely a month after Google launched its own AI powered camera Google Clips.  But Google Clips and Deeplens are poles apart as far as the target market is concerned. While clips is targeted at consumers, Deeplens is targeted at technically advanced developers.

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