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Amazon launches Bedrock, enters Generative AI race

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Amazon launches Bedrock, enters Generative AI race

Amazon has finally decided to throw its ring in the generative AI race though it has been bit late in doing so. On Thursday, the e-commerce giant unveiled its own generative AI model ‘Bedrock.’ But this generative AI model won’t be built entirely by Amazon. Rather Amazon will collaborate third party apps and companies to develop Bedrock and it will be hosted on company’s cloud computing platform AWS. Currently, Bedrock will be available in limited preview and there is still clarity about its functional capabilities as well as its pricing. Generative AI has become the buzz word in the tech world ever since Open AI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT become a sensational hit.


SoftBank Planning to sell its Majority Stake in Alibaba

Image Courtesy – Flickr

Japanese Investment giant SoftBank is planning to sell its entire stake in China’s e-commerce behemoth Alibaba. Plagued by heavy losses as many of its high-profile startup bets imploded, the Masayoshi Son’s company is now planning to go on a stake-selling spree in some of its profitable companies. The upcoming stake sale will bring down SoftBank’s stake in Alibaba to less than 4%, down from 14% as of September last year. Earlier this year, SoftBank had already sold shares worth $7 bn in Alibaba in order to purne down its ballooning losses.


Twitter increases paid users’ Tweet Limit

Twitter has officially announced that it is increasing the tweet limit of the Twitter Blue Users, increasing from 4,000-character tweets to almost 10,000-character tweets. Apart from this, the microblogging platform also supports bold and italic text formatting. Elon Musk had first announced about increasing the tweet limit of paid users early last month. However, currently only paid users in the U.S. and other few markets may be able to avail the increased tweet limit feature. Ever since Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the microblogging company has been busy in making several changes to the platform. Musk had even replaced Twitter’s trade-mark logo of blue bird with Dogecoin logo.


Meta Unveils new AI project that turn doodles into animation

Making sure that Meta does not lag behind in the AI race, the Facebook and Instagram’s parent company has launched yet another AI project. This AI project is called Animated Drawings and it is an Open-Source project. This open-source project will allow developers to turn their doodles into animation with the help of artificial intelligence technology.


Apple to use only 100% recycled Cobalt in all its Batteries


Apple has decided to make a humble contribution of its own in global fight against climate change. The iPhone manufacturer announced on Thursday that it will 100% recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries by 2025. Additionally, by 2025 magnets in all Apple devices will use entirely recycled rare earth elements and all Apple designed print circuit boards will use 100 recycled tin soldering and 100 percent recycled gold plating. Stating Apple’s official vision for greener world, CEO Tim Cook said that our ambition is to use 100 percent recycled and renewable materials in all our product by 2030. Cobalt is a contentious issue

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