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Amazon Alexa can soon start mimicking your voice

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Amazon Alexa can soon start mimicking your voice  

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Bowie

Amazon is in the process of introducing a very revolutionary feature in its voice assistant Alexa. Thanks to this revolutionary feature, Amazon Alexa can soon start imitating your or for that matter anyone’s voice. Amazon said that its voice assistant can mimic anyone’s voice after listening and recording their voice for less than a minute. The company further said that this voice will be very human-like and of high-quality. What’s even better, you can listen to the exact replica voice of your loved ones even after they are dead. But mind you, Amazon still hasn’t given any exact hint as to when it plans to introduce this revolutionary feature.


Chinese Beach Resort bans Tesla cars for ‘Spying’

A popular beach resort located in China’s Beidaihe district has decided to impose a 2 month ban on Tesla cars for fear of ‘spying.’ Starting from 1st July, no Tesla cars will be allowed near the vicinity of this popular beach resort for the next two months. Interestingly, this beach resort is also the venue where China’s top communist party officials will be soon meeting for a series of high-profile and secretive meetings. According to media reports, Chinese officials fear that its rival country U.S. might use Tesla cars for spying on its upcoming high-profile meeting.  And hence China has decided to ban the entry of Tesla cars near the vicinity of this beach resort.


Clubhouse app comes under scanner of Indian Government

The popular audio chatting app Clubhouse has apparently started facing considerable heat from the Indian government. According to Entrackr, Clubhouse received total 59 legal requests from the Indian government in 2021 (i.e. last year). Out of these 59 requests, 24 requests were meant for accessing the data of Clubhouse users while 8 requests were made to takedown the accounts. 59 legal requests is by the way a very low number but by Clubhouse’s own admission this is the highest legal request made by any government in the world. By the way, the Indian government makes similar legal requests even to Twitter & Facebook. However, these controversial practices have raised concerns whether the Indian government is trying to police the social media platforms.


Is China spying on TikTok’s U.S Data  

Short video app TikTok has always faced heat in the U.S. over the issue of Data privacy. Now it seems that these concerns were not completely unfounded. This after certain media reports have claimed that China’s tech engineers and other officials can still access TikTok’s U.S. data. These media reports can badly spook the U.S. government as it is very touchy about national security issues especially concerning China. But TikTok’s parent company Bytedance has always maintained that its U.S. data is 100% safe and cannot be accessed by any third country.


DHFL Scam is now India’s biggest banking scandal   

DHFL, one of the topmost private banks of India, is currently facing investigation by CBI is what in believed to be India’s biggest ever banking scandal. The DHFL scam is estimated to be around whopping Rs 34,0000 crores, which is almost three times the amount of Nirav Modi scam. DHFL’s promoters and owners have been accused of transferring huge amounts of money to shell companies and tax companies. The CBI has also accused the bank of indulging in accounting fraud and cooking up its balance sheets for hiding misappropriation of funds.

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