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Almora: This Blockchain startup aims to become a leading Crypto Investment Bank

Almora In a glance

Headquarters: Gurugram

Founder: Vajahaath Hussain

Funds raised: Bootstrapped

Vajahaath Hussain, founder & CEO of Almora

Almora is a brainchild of Vajahaath Hussain, a young budding entrepreneur whose restless entrepreneurial spirit is certainly symbolic of India’s modern economic aspirations. By the way, Hussain’s voyage into the blockchain world is not his first entrepreneurial mission. He has already sharpened his business skills and acumen as a founder of two startups ‘Zangro’ and ‘Advoge.’

He founded the foodtech startup Zangro when he was only 18 years old and later followed it up by founding ad tech startup Advoge. Although both these startups may have failed, the painful failure only made Hussain smarter and hardened his never-say-die attitude.

Today he is employing all those lessons and invaluable experience in transforming Almora into a successful crypto Investment bank. His patience and perseverance have already started yielding results, with Almora today boasting strong international client list.

What does Almora really do?

Almora is a crypto investment bank that helps investment communities in seeking high growth opportunities in the crypto world. Today there are several blockchain projects and crypto products with high net worth value. Almora helps to bridge the gap that exists between these profitable projects & products and the investment community.

Besides, Almora works tirelessly in various other dimensions, from building products in the blockchain domain to helping organizations launch their ICOs. It also offers white labeled solutions in the blockchain and crypto space.

Simply put, Almora offers tailored blockchain solutions – from investment solutions, token sales & advisory to research & market analysis.


How did Almora manage to win so many international clients early on?

Getting new clients and successfully retaining them is always a herculean task for any young startup. Many ambitious startups end up failing spectacularly in this critical pursuit, which eventually paves way for their closure. However, Almora has been able to pass this litmus test with stupendous success. The company’s stupendous success is reflected in the fact that today it boasts a long list of international clients.

“Being ahead of the competitors is what is helping us to win good international clients,” claims Hussain who is visibly proud about this fact. He argues that the surest way of staying ahead of your competitors is to be in touch with fast evolving blockchain world where new terminologies are created almost every month. “For instance currently airdrops and smartdrops are currently dominating the crypto world,” he adds.

Some of Alomra’s international clients include Gazecoin, Lockchain, TravelChain and Cashaa. Mr. Hussain is confident about increasing the international client list in coming years as he looks to cash on the existing strong investor network.

When quizzed about did young startup like Almora face any specific challenges in the process of acquiring international clients then Hussain’s answer is formidable ‘no.’ If you are really good in your work then you won’t be facing any big hurdle in acquiring international clients, he adds.

What is Almora’s long term plan?     

Almora is planning to create 4-5 topnotch products in the next five years. Hussain asserts that his company will be working very hard to ensure that these products scale to a level that can solve the adoption problem. He argues that since things rapidly change in the blockchain world, it is important to create products that can quickly adapt to these changes.                   

Predictions about Blockchain Industry

Needless to say, Hussain is very bullish about the blockchain industry. He compares today’s nascent blockchain industry to Internet’s early days in 1990’s. The budding entrepreneur believes that since once nascent internet technology has developed so rapidly during last two decades, so will blockchain technology.

If we think broadly, Hussain is quite right in drawing parallels between internet and blockchain technology. Internet’s phenomenal growth was partly owing to the fact that people were quick to realize its mammoth potential, which invariably pushed countries across the world to make internet more accessible and mainstream.

Today blockchain that works on distributed ledger technology equally offers mammoth potential by providing unprecedented transparency across financial and other industries. Now the onus is probably on us to keep pushing this revolutionary technology ahead and reap the rich benefits that it has to offer.

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