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AI Pioneer ‘Geoffrey Hinton’ resigns from Google, warns AI is dangerous

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


AI Pioneer ‘Geoffrey Hinton’ resigns from Google, warns AI is dangerous


One of the prominent pioneers of artificial intelligence, Geoffrey Hinton, has resigned from Google. But his resignation hasn’t come without ringing the alarm bell about imminent danger that AI posses to humanity. Speaking to The New York Times, Hinton said that AI will not only wipe out scores of jobs but also posses’ grave danger to human race. He even criticized Google for giving up its previous constrains on AI projects in a desperate attempt to compete with the all-new Bing powered by ChatGPT. Hinton added that AI has witnessed accelerated development over the last five years and it’s scary what could happen in the next couple of years. Hinton played an important role in overseeing the functioning of Google Brain, which is an AI research arm of Google.


Jack ma takes the job of a Teacher at Tokyo College

The one-time outspoken billionaire of China, Jack Ma, has found a new job for himself. He has been hired as a visiting professor at Tokyo College, a research institute affiliated to the prestigious University of Tokyo. Apart from sharing his rich experience and expertise knowledge on entrepreneurship, corporate management and innovation, Ma will also conduct research in sustainable agriculture and food production. Ma’s sprawling online empire has been recently facing brutal crackdown from the Chinese regulators, resulting in splitting up of its Alibaba Group and indefinitely postponing its ANT Group IPO. For over a decade, Ma has been the face of a resurgent China and his inspirational story from rags to riches has been hailed world over.


Twitter’s latest Outage mostly affected Desktop Users  

Twitter was down for thousands of users on Monday with users complaining that they were unable to login into their accounts. Most of the users who were affected were apparently desktop users. However, it is not clear what caused this outage, which happens to be second major outage this year and also second time since Musk took over the ownership of the microblogging platform. It is still unclear whether or not the outage has been resolved. Musk has also maintained an uncanny silence over the outage, indicating that the outage may not all that big as has been reported by several media reports.


IBM to replace 7,800 jobs with AI in Coming years

If most people thought that all the hype about artificial intelligence threatening human jobs is not real then IBM might prove them wrong. IBM’s CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg that the company might replace 7,800 jobs with AI in the coming years and it might freeze hiring for the same reason. He further said that back-office functions such as human resources will be most affected, adding that almost 30% of non-customer facing jobs could be taken over by AI and automation in next couple of years.


Meta to raise $8 Bn through Bond sale

Meta is planning to raise $8.5 Bn via bond sale, which will be only its second bond sale in its corporate history. Meta has also become the first big tech company to tap into U.S bond amid the current turmoil that has gripped the financial sector. The social media giant said that it will use the proceedings to help financial expenditures, repurchase outstanding shares of its company and for investment as well as acquisition. Although Meta announced better than expected results in the first quarter, its financial position has undoubtedly suffered due to massive investment in Metaverse.

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