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After Twitter, even Snapchat snubs Trump – Top Trending News


After Twitter, even Snapchat snubs Trump

Donald Trump portrait
Image Credits: Flickr UNLV Free Press

Popular multimedia messaging platform Snapchat announced on Wednesday that its Discover tab won’t be promoting content from U.S. President Donald Trump’s account. The Discover is a tab or page within Snapchat that offers news feed to all its readers. Snapchat’s snub is presumably in response to Trump’s alleged act of glorifying the recent Minneapolis violence on his Twitter account.


SpaceX launches latest batch of Starlink Satellites

Barely a few days after making history by launching astronauts into the orbit, SpaceX has now launched and successfully deployed 60 satellites into the orbit. These satellites were launched through Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket was launched at 9:25 ET.


Ex-Facebook employees criticize Zuckerberg’s stance on Trump’s posts

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Dozens of Facebook’s ex-employees, who worked with the company in its early days, has openly criticized Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to go soft on Trump’s controversial FB posts. They have described Facebook CEO’s act as ‘cowardly’ and ‘betrayal’ of company’s cherished ideals. After Twitter started taking action against Trump’s tweets, Facebook has been facing the heat to take similar actions but Zuckerberg seems to be in no mood to take any such actions.


Zoom’s CEO confirms no end-to-end encryption for free users

Image Source: Flickr

Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan confirmed on Wednesday that his company won’t provide end-to-end encryption for free users. This means that Zoom’s free users will have to use the video conferencing app at their own risk. Actually, the company had already said a few days back that end-to-end encryption will be reserved only for paid users but this is the first time that Yuan has openly confirmed it.


California’s lawmaker may pass controversial facial recognition bill

In response to the latest racist violence across America, California’s lawmakers are reportedly planning to pass a bill that will give law enforcement agencies the right to use facial recognition technology. However, this bill (if passed) may not go down well with activists who have always alleged that the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies impinges on common people’s privacy.

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