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A Survey rates Facebook (Meta) as the worst company of 2021 – Top Trending news

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


A leading survey has rated Facebook (now Meta) as the worst company of 2021

Facebook jail

Facebook, which recently rebranded itself as ‘Meta,’ has been rated as the worst company of 2021, according to survey by Yahoo Finance. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba took the second place on the survey. By all means, Facebook  had a tough 2021 following a high profile whistle-blower scandal  (Read more)


Intel warns unvaccinated employees will be put on ‘unpaid leaves’

After Google, now chipmaker Intel has given a dire warning that unvaccinated employees will have to submit their vaccine certification by 4th January. Those who fail to do so will be indefinitely put on unpaid leaves. However, the chipmaker has said that unvaccinated employees won’t be terminated (Read more)     


Google’s rival DuckDuckGo offers to its desktop web browser

Google search engine’s rival DuckDuckGo has offered the first-ever teaser to its desktop browsing app. DuckDuckGo’s web browsing app will offer users all its trademark privacy features. DuckDuckGo said that these privacy features by default (Read more)


Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey take a swipe at Web3

Photo of Tesla CEO Elon musk, source: Flickr

Billionaires Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey took a dig at the hype surrounding Web3, terminology used for decentralized version of the internet that thrives on crypto tokens. Both gentlemen took to twitter to express their critical views about the so-called Web3 technology. Both billionaires criticism of Web3 has evoked a strong reaction on social media platforms (Read more)                


Chinese regulator suspends cyber security deal with Alibaba Cloud


In another blow for Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, a leading Chinese regulatory body has suspended an information- sharing partnership with Alibaba Cloud Computing. The Chinese regulatory body cited its failure to promptly address and report a cybersecurity vulnerability (Read More)

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