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A Bug caused ChatGPT to give non-sense responses; OpenAI has fixed the bug    

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


A Bug caused ChatGPT to give non-sense responses; OpenAI has fixed the bug    

On Wednesday scores of ChatGPT users shared screenshots of ChatGPT giving illogical and non-sense responses to their prompts. Many claimed that the popular AI chatbot had gone rogue. It didn’t take long for OpenAI to admit the problem, claiming that the unexpected responses was due to a bug. The company later claimed that the bug has been fixed and the its chatbot has started functioning normally. The news about ChatGPT problem came amid the media reports that Google’s Gemini image generator had also gone rogue few days back. Google later officially confirmed the news. The fear of AI going rogue and out of control has been cited by many AI experts.


Xbox’s Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 in March

Hi-Fi Rush, the rhythm-action game that was previously an Xbox and PC exclusive, is officially making its way to PlayStation 5 on March 19th. Although its price has not been officially announced, but it’s likely to be similar to the Xbox and PC price of $30 USD. The content will include all the previously release content, including the two extra modes from the Arcade Challenge update. However, Hi-Fi Rush games will not have cross-play functionality between PS5 and Xbox. Hi-Fi Rush rhythm-based action game that was launched in 2023 by Bethesda Softworks. Meanwhile, another popular Xbox games Sea of Thieves is likely to debut on PS5 on April 30.


Google launches two Open Source & Lightweight LLMs  – Gemma 2B  & Gemma 7B

Google on Wednesday announced the launch of yet another LLM in the market. Called Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, both of them are open source and extremely lightweight LLMs. They are so lightweight that you can even use them on your personal laptops. Google said that Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B can works seamlessly with major AI frameworks like JAX, PyTorch, and TensorFlow. Both models are pre-trained on a massive dataset of text and code, while instruction-tuned versions are optimized for specific tasks like question answering or text summarization. Lightweight open source LLMs are useful for giving access to cutting-edge language models for individuals and organizations lacking massive computational resources.


Uber Eats is launching Robot deliveries in Tokyo

In an exciting news, Uber Eats will be soon launching autonomous robot deliver service in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo. Japan has become the first international market where Uber Eats will be launching the robotic service. However, in the initial months, this service will be available only in the selected parts of the Tokyo city. If this experiment is successful then Uber Eats could expand its autonomous service to other key markets. The company may have taken this decision to address the labor shortage problems in Japan, a country where robots are widely used by several companies. The on-going AI boom may have also propelled Uber Eats to take this decision.


Meta Testing cross-posting feature from FB to Threads

In an interesting news, Meta is testing a feature that allows for cross-posting from Facebook to Threads. The test is being currently conducted among limited number of iOS users. If this feature is launched then it could help boost activity on Threads by encouraging existing Facebook users to share their content there too. Threads, which was launched last year and directly competes with Elon Musk’s Twitter, is desperately trying very hard to increase its active user base. However, Meta hasn’t given any fixed timeline when it plans to launch this feature. Overall, the cross-posting feature will help users in saving user’s time and efforts as it eliminated the need to create separate posts.

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