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6 Best Presentation Templates for Startups in 2021

Whether your startup secures investment from Angel Investors, Evangelists, or Venture Capitalists depends significantly on how persuasive your presentation is! For businesses of all scales, presentations are the epicenter of their daily workflow. Be it internal meetings, quarterly reviews, client meetings, or investor pitches, presentations play an imperative role in the corporate world. Today, presentations have become the primary point of contact between businesses and customers or investors. Hence, it is essential that your pitch is well-designed and stands out.

The goal here is to exhibit superior professional and superior standards. Just like your startup’s letterhead and other official documents, the presentation should also encompass design consistency and help the audience relate the slides to your brand. Hence, if you’re speaking at a conference or seeding pitch, your slides should be crisp, fine-tuned for content & charming. Let’s move ahead and understand how using ready-made presentation templates increase your chance of winning the investment?

How Presentation Pitch Decks Help Startups?

Your pitch deck is everywhere, be it investor meetings, emails, or discussions. Often entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of engaging slides and end up raising a few thousand dollars instead of millions! Presenters must understand that their startup’s pitch deck is a critical fundraising tool. Your pitch deck allows you to explain your revolutionary idea, product, or business model to angel investors, VCs and seal the deal.

A startup business plan template can be a game-changer for your presentation endeavors. Entrepreneurs can create captivating, informative & quick presentations through ready-made templates for PowerPoint. Ready-to-use templates help you strike the perfect balance between unleashing your creativity and the company’s branding in the slides. Thus, your teams can be at their creative best and showcase your unique selling points (USPs) and exhibit the brand value.

Not just that, PowerPoint templates help you bring aboard consistency in your slides. People often create a presentation that is a mix-match of font, style, colors, or layout! In the startup world, this is a mistake and may cause the phenomenon ‘Death By PowerPoint’. Templates come to your rescue by providing you slides that encompass a superior design consistency throughout the presentation. Thus, allowing you not to miss out on funding opportunities.

Now that we know how critical resource templates are, let’s move ahead and explore some of the best startup templates that can make a difference.

Unicorn Startup Metaphor PowerPoint Template

Are you worried about how to write a perfect business plan for your startup? brings you a popular and ready-to-use Unicorn Startup Metaphor PowerPoint template. You can leverage this template and woo your investors by projecting information such as market insights, target market, financial prediction, channel strategy, assets, liabilities, sales strategy, compliance, financial predictions, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Not just that, this 10-slide deck comes pre-packed with engaging visuals and infographics.

Presenters can use intuitive charts, graphs, infographics and seamlessly showcase your industry snapshot and growth model to the audience. Thus, when stakes are high and time is less, this unicorn startup template can help you impress the investors. Other features of this template are gradient color fill effect, pixel-perfect graphics, geometric lines, 3D shapes, etc. Further, the deck comes in two sizes- 16X9 and 4X3 and supports popular presentation platforms such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides & Office 365.

Business Slides Carnival PowerPoint Template

The Business Slides Carnival pitching template is perfect for showcasing your company’s goals, operation strategies, marketing plans, entrepreneurship efforts, strategic management, company offerings, key financials, new venture expenses, etc. In simpler terms, the template provides you a full-fledged framework to storyline your startup pitch. The template is essential in equity crowdfunding, VC meetings since it projects a bird’s eye view of your startup.

The 13-slide deck can help you engage your audience on a whole different level. It features a rich, eye-catching, and business-friendly design layout. Further, it has a clean and minimalistic style that helps you greatly with your company’s branding. You can 100% customize this template and resonate it with your company’s branding guidelines. Some of the sections covered are Cover Slide, Welcome Message, About Us, Our Services, What We Do/Offer, Our Mission, SWOT Analysis, Company Timeline & Thank You.

One-Page Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Someone has rightly said that the “Less is more”! The One-Page Business Plan can help entrepreneurs woo the investors in less time! Presenters should understand that a typical startup pitch lasts anywhere between 2-10 minutes. Thus, rather than overwhelming your audience with a whole bunch of slides, the one-paged template can do more work with less. You can use this template to showcase your startup’s objectives, goals, key channels to growth & market predictions.

Often presenters read content right from the slides in the presentation. This distracts the audience since they are unable to resonate with you. Rather than explaining your slides, you must talk about your startup, where the background slides are self-explanatory. The template can help you deliver key pieces of information, business plan, new ideas, company services & present both- long and short-term goals. The template comes pre-packed with an intuitive and customizable collection of clipart icons.

Crowdfunding PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you’re starting a new venture, you must be heading for crowdfunding soon! Crowdfunding events are attended by the likes of Venture Capitalists, Banks, Funding Avengalists, etc. Here, the crowd is huge and comprises people who know the industry inside out and are there to invest in ideas that have the potential to become the next unicorn. When it comes to wooing a large chunk of the audience, your pitch must be state of the art.

The specially tailored Crowdfunding PowerPoint Presentation template helps you attract investors and initiate a call to action. Thanks to the template’s aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design, you can leverage the pitch deck on numerous occasions. The 12-slide template can be your companion in raising funds for your project. It projects key information about your business in an audience-friendly manner through slides such as Agenda, About Us, Our Products & Services, Company Strategy, Process Description, Timeline, SWOT Analysis, and more.

Pegasus Pitch Deck For Startups

Pegasus pitch deck is an all-in-one, wholesome collection of slides for startups. The 14-slide template allows business owners to focus more on their business and worry less about the slides. Presenters can leverage this template for explaining their innovative business idea, problem definition, market size, business model, competitor analysis, business timeline, product solution, benefits, plan & pricing. The template helps you chronologically showcase presentation content.

While you’re out in the market raising money for your startup, your slides must support you at all times. A perfect pitch deck draws the line between a closed deal and a missed business opportunity. You can use embedded infographics and transform raw analytical data into attractive visuals. Thus, the Pegasus pitch deck can enable you to storyline your startup presentation endeavors, engage your audience all the way along & secure the funding you need!

Process Timeline Ready to Launch for PowerPoint

One of the biggest hurdles for any entrepreneur is developing a timeline for their business plan. The Process Timeline template is an effective way to lay goals and milestones for your startup and further showcase the same to the investors. Presenters must understand that investors are often interested in the business timeline. For instance, how soon will the company start making a profit? The timeline template has in-built 3D shapes and diagrams that help entrepreneurs lay the dots on the screen and connect them during the presentation.

The template is fully customizable and comes in two different timeline designs for the user. You can easily edit, law down different steps involved, and adjust the zig-zag timeline graph. Presentation creators must understand that a timeline ties all aspects of your presentation together and makes it easier for you to explain and visualize your ideas in a step-by-step fashion. An interactive timeline binds the interest of your audience to the presentation till the very last slide. Thus, leverage the Process Timeline template today and revamp your audience interaction.

The End Line

A well-crafted startup pitch helps you interact with the investors, encourage them to believe in your idea, and lay the ground for further discussion. The right PowerPoint presentation will help you vividly show the vision and goals of your startup to the investors. The pitch deck must talk about your business, the market you operate in, your idea’s underlying magic & current traction.

As important as how you narrate your corporate story, the slides too should support your claims. Aesthetically charming slides paired with precise and quality content can showcase a vision worth investing in. Go minimal on the text and give your audience a visual-rich presentation experience with ready-to-use startup templates, today!

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