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Microsoft Copilot users can now Compose their own AI song

Here is the latest breaking news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Microsoft Copilot users can now compose their own AI song

Microsoft Copilot, the Microsoft’s AI powered chatbot, can now turn into music & song composer thanks to an GenAI music app Suno. Copilot, with the help of Suno plugin, can generate complete songs from simple text prompts. For example, you can type a prompt like “create a pop song about adventures with your family.” Copilot users can create songs in various genres, with lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices. People can integrate Suno plugin with Copilot by visiting or logging into Microsoft account. Over all, Suno’s integration makes it easier for anyone to create music, regardless of their musical skills or background.


Microsoft partners with TomTom to bring generative AI to Automobiles

TomTom, which is best known for its GPS platform, has joined hands with Microsoft to launch generative AI solution for automobiles. This AI software will be available in coming months in select markets. Both companies have made tall claims as to how this Ai solution will redefine the drivers’ experience. For instance, it will offer more sophisticated voice, allowing for smooth navigation experience. It will also provide features like finding stops along a route, controlling onboard systems, automatically opening windows and many other features. TomTom and Microsoft haven’t given the exact launch date for the launch of this software.


Stability AI launches paid subscription for commercial use of its model

Stability AI, the creator of the text-to-image model Stability Diffusion, has just launch a paid subscription service that the company claims will help in funding its AI research in future. Stability AI’s membership will offer three tiers: a free tier for personal & research use only, $20 per month subscription and custom pricing for larger organizations. Paid members will gain access to new AI models before the public. They will also get exclusive access to a dedicated Discord community for support and collaboration.



Airbnb using AI to bust New Year’s Eve parties

Airbnb is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help crack down on disruptive New Year’s Eve parties in rental properties around the world. The company’s proprietary AI and machine learning technology will be activated in several countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. The AI will work by identifying one-to-three-night bookings for entire homes that are considered high-risk for parties. These bookings will then be blocked, preventing potential partygoers from reserving the properties. Airbnb has been using anti-party measures for several years now, and the company says that they have been effective in reducing the number of disruptive parties on New Year’s Eve.


Bill Gates makes a massive prediction about AI in 2024

In his latest annual predictions letter for 2024, Bill Gates made some bold claims about the potential of artificial intelligence. He believes that AI could become a transformative force, comparable to a “force of God,” with the ability to significantly impact various aspects of society. The tech billionaire said that their won’t be any aspect of life that will be left untouched by AI. Gates foresees AI driving innovation across various sectors, from agriculture and clean energy to education and scientific research. Gates is not the only billionaire who has made such optimistic predictions about AI. Other notable billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have also made similar predictions about AI.

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