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5 Technology Stack Trends For Startup Companies In 2020

There are several technology stack trends for startup companies in 2020. The software industry is constantly evolving. It is essential for companies that need to keep up with these changing trends to adapt, compete, and grow. Otherwise, older software can hinder your business’s process, workflow, and overall efficiency. After all, trends are often a forecast for which software is useful in the long-term future.

In addition, business technology users are constantly looking to try the latest digital innovations to increase efficiency and productivity. As an entrepreneur in the tech industry, you need to keep up with the latest technology stack trends. This way, your business can grow with future innovations. Read on to discover the latest technology stack trends for startup companies in 2020.

Serverless Computing Platforms

First, you need to incorporate serverless computing platforms into your 2020 startup technology stack. Built on cloud-based infrastructure, these platforms provide specialized services to streamline your infrastructure management. In addition, they also offer cloud-based tools to simplify these procedures. Serverless cloud computing platforms are also designed for your company’s future growth. With high-quality platforms, you can scale up hundreds of thousands of viewers overnight. You can also deploy new functions easily without having to write complex scripts. Surely, serverless computing platforms’ simplified management and reliable scalability make them great additions to your 2020 startup tech stack.

AI Cybersecurity Tools

Next, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are another essential software component for your new business’s technology stack. These advanced tools help you maintain good cybersecurity for your enterprise. This year, companies are increasingly relying on AI to amp up their cybersecurity. For example, AI-powered biometric fingerprint scanning is boosting login protection for many web businesses. In addition, AI-security software can analyze behavior patterns to detect malicious activity. With the types of malware growing, this is a critical innovation. This way, you can address potential security threats immediately to prevent them from becoming larger issues. For this reason, AI cybersecurity tools are essential for startup technology stacks in 2020.

Helm Charts Repository

In addition, Helm charts repositories are another growing trend for startup technology stacks. Essentially, a Helm charts repository provides a single location to share and store packaged charts. Since they serve files and respond to GET requests, you can host a helm chart repository on a variety of servers and platforms. For example, JFrog’s Artifactory container registry offers scalable storage and high availability for your enterprise. Using this system, you can also optimize access control management according to projects or development teams. Certainly, Helm charts repositories are growing in popularity for startup tech stacks in 2020.

PostgreSQL Database

With the state of data security consistently growing, the PostgreSQL database is another rising trend across 2020 startup technology stacks. This object-relational database system uses the SQL language along with other advanced features to store and scale complex workloads. Notably, you can define your own data types and create custom functions. In addition, you can write programs from different coding languages without recompiling your database. Many startups use this database because it offers Write-ahead logging (WAL) to provide data assurance. Namely, you can replicate and distribute your data in your storage systems. Using the PostgreSQL database is sure to streamline your 2020 startup’s data storage management systems.

Blockchain Technology

Furthermore, blockchain technology is another growing trend for startup tech stacks in 2020. Using decentralization and cryptographic hashing techniques, this distributed ledger technology (DLT) makes your digital assets unchangeable and transparent. In the cloud computing industry, many startups are using this technology to allow users to sell their CPU capacity. This way, individual users can share their computing power. For instance, one growing company uses blockchain to allow users to obtain tokens when they rent out their computing potential. Surely, blockchain empowers companies’ scalability. Thus, blockchain is a fast-growing trend for startups in 2020.

There are several technology stack trends for startup companies in 2020. With businesses consistently looking to expand their technology base, integrating the top development tools is imperative. With so many tools to choose from, it can often be difficult for developers to know where to start. For example, serverless computing platforms simplify infrastructure management for new businesses. Next, AI cybersecurity tools are critical tech stack components to detect security threats. In addition, Helm charts repositories offer scalable storage for your enterprise. Moreover, the PostgreSQL database is also gaining popularity in tech stacks for its ability to streamline data storage management systems. Furthermore, blockchain technology empowers scalability and improves your code’s protection. Consider these technology stack trends for your 2020 startup.

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