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5 Small Businesses You Can Start Today

Starting and running your own business can be tremendously fulfilling for people who are either tired of working for someone else, or people who just want some sort of control over how they’re living their lives. If you’re sick of the 9 to 5 rat race and you’ve been craving an escape, then starting a business might just be your next logical move. Starting a business can give you the ability to increase your earning potential and provide the kind of financial freedom (and security) that allows you to travel the world or spend time doing the things you actually want to do. Wanna join the club? Here are five businesses you can start today with little to no money or time.


These days, people are so busy they don’t even have time to walk their own dogs. That’s where you come in touting your trustworthy and reliable pet sitting/dog walking service. Keep costs low by using apps like Rover that make it easy to find pet-sitting or dog walking clients in your area. Simply sign up and get started today with no money and no training.


Driving for Uber or Lyft requires a vehicle of your own that has a valid registration and current insurance policy. Your vehicle has to meet the required standards, but if it doesn’t, you might consider renting a car if it’s within your budget. But remember that your daily income has to be more than the cost of the rental for the day, otherwise you’re just paying to chauffeur people around. Also, if you’re going to be driving for Uber or Lyft, it helps if you’re a people person and you don’t mind other people in your car. Keep costs down by taking back-to-back trips in the same area to save on gas.


Products selling as an independent business owner for companies such as Amway can give you the tools you need to catapult yourself to success. Selling for Amway is a great way to go into business for yourself without investing a ton of time early on. However, just like with any business, you’ll need a strong work ethic and an even stronger desire to succeed. As a business owner, you’ll also need to have enough discipline to set achievable goals for yourself and your business — and actually achieve them. With Amway, you can also earn bonuses and growth incentives based on your personal sales volume (how many products and what types of products you sell). With these goals in mind, you can plan to make money with Amway and reach the financial freedom you desire.


Start a business cleaning homes or offices for people and businesses in your area. All you need to start is money for the cleaning supplies (rags, sponges, cleaning sprays, a basket, etc.), which is probably less than $20. Costs are already low since overhead is low. Start networking as soon as possible to get the word out about your cleaning business. Tell everyone you know that you have a cleaning business because you never know who might be in need of your services. Maybe your old friend Tom who owns a dental practice or your grade school teacher who now runs a daycare center, you never know.


Virtual assistants are responsible for performing any administrative task asked of them, which could include appointment-setting, researching, preparing reports, and social media management. All you need to start is a phone, computer, and internet access. No training is necessary. Once you start getting clients, you can grow your business and hire more workers as virtual assistants. Keep costs low by finding the cheapest internet and phone service you can find and stick to a budget.
Starting a business can be both rewarding and challenging, but with the right opportunity, you’ll be poised for success. Figure out what it is you’d be good at, what you like to do, and how to turn that into a business. Use the above information as a guide to help you figure out just what kind of business opportunity would be right for you.

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