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5 Essential Tools to Boost Your Influencer Marketing Strategy for Early-Stage Startup

You will be surprised to know that influencer marketing is the skyrocketing progressive online customer acquisition method. Almost 70 percent of millennial consumers are convinced by the recommendations given by their peers when it comes to purchasing decisions.  Being a startup the most difficult aspect you face initially is to connect with people and get your brand noticed among the promotional material consumers are in contact with on daily basis.

The fierce competition in the online market creates for startups a challenge to get their voice resonates with the target market. The hurdle lies in how being a new brand in the market you can win exposure and attract more people towards your brand while letting them know what unique you are offering and why they deserve to be your first choice. The secret lies in influencer marketing. You will find industries top-tier brands associating with key social figureheads to get the desired public exposure.

When you have authoritative and compelling influencers who talk about your newly launched products/services in their circles, your startup can easily ignite the interest of your target audience. As people tend to trust brands that are being publicly endorsed by some well-recognized global celebrities or influencers. You can also capitalize influencers to create instructional content for your brands’ products/services to assist your target audience in taking a better purchase decision. When you utilize influencer-generated content to promote your startup it will also help in uplifting your brand visibility which is imperative to your business success.

Blend Influencer Marketing Tools with Other Marketing Efforts

For startups influencer marketing is one great proposed action to accelerate your business engagement, visibility, reach and ultimately the growth. Therefore, the first key step is to search out for key influencers that best suits your industry. Although, these tools enable you to effectively segregate influencers based on engagement metrics, location, social platform and perceived online popularity. However, remember to keep active consideration of other marketing activities that are equally vital for your startup to reach new heights.

You have to create engaging promotional content to inspire influencers to work for your brand and for that you can make artistic professional graphic designs on your own by using Canva tool. It will enable you to create beautiful images that attract people more towards your brand in case you don’t find sufficient time for making professional designs then you can get it done by a professional design agency like LogoOrbit.

Here are five surefire tools for your startups that can help you better leverage from your influencer marketing strategy.


BuzzSumo is one great tool for startups to kick-start their influencer marketing campaigns. Effectively searching out for influencers is crucial to keep your time and money worth the efforts. With BuzzSumo you can easily reach out for influencers in your desired category or location. Finding people who are in coherence with your target audience is a challenge that you can win by sorting with regard to reaching, engagement and authority. Afterward, create outreach plans include influencers to trending social platform lists and export their data for in-depth analysis.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach holds the incredible access of over 25 million websites in its directory of influencers which can help you in better reaching out right influencers for your startup. You just have to put your target keywords that best suited to the descriptions of your brand and a list of top-notch social media influencers and bloggers are a click away from you. As soon as you have gathered the prospect lists, you can without any hurdle easily manage the contacts along with message history, relationship tracking and notes within this tool.


If you are reaching for a comprehensive plan than scrunch is the platform that allows you to record the lists of influencers from a wide variety of niche markets. Here you can easily leverage from the rates of engagement by influencers, the range of followers each influencer carries, their geographical location which plays a crucial role while selecting out an influencer. Also, you can search out for influencer by the choice of your desired social network that you find most interest in.


Once you have shortlisted the list of influencers the next step is to send influencers messages that are customized based on their personas. Pitchbox enables you to keep a track record of the entire process as the automation of outreach makes your time safe while enabling your business to send messages and schedule follow-ups with the help of email templates.


FameBit also proved to be the most effective tool for influencer marketing as it mainly focuses on connecting the emerging brands with the YouTube content generators specifically based on the content major requirements. With the help of this tool, you can get easily connected with writers, those who are producing content and distributors of those content who has a good image of engaging audience and build trust factor.


Influencer marketing has played a crucial role in making startups grow expeditiously. Key association with right influencers are enabling emerging brands to grab the attention of their target market. The success of your startup lies in how vigilant you are in the phase of planning and utilizing these tools as they hold the incredible power to either make or break your brand image.

With the changing marketing landscape, influencer marketing industry will keep on progressing therefore, it is essential for your startup to effectively work on your influencer marketing strategy to get ahead of the competition. You can best utilize the above-mentioned tools to your startup now to boost your brand and reap the benefits of it in the long-run.

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