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5 AI-Driven Platforms to Help Startups Grow Their Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the fastest-growing technologies of our generation. It has all kinds of applications in industries like healthcare, education, and of course, commerce. Small business owners can grow their companies at a faster pace and on a bigger scale on the back of AI-powered platforms. Below, we discuss 5 such amazing platforms.

Tailor Brands: Branding and Design

Branding is just as important for small businesses as the big ones. However, the problem with traditional branding and marketing solutions is that they are too expensive for budding entrepreneurs who have a limited budget. Tailor Brands is a nifty platform that’s solving this problem by offering an advanced branding solution that’s easy, fast, and most importantly- affordable.

Tailor Brands is an online logo maker that uses artificial technology to process the design inputs shared by the users. It can understand the design requirements akin to a human graphics designer and create attractive designs in a few minutes!

Datasine: Email Marketing

Email marketing is cheap yet quite effective. This is the reason why so many entrepreneurs leverage the technique to reach wider markets and improve the conversion rate. Datasine is a startup that’s helping forward-thinking entrepreneurs in that domain by combining artificial intelligence and psychology for email communication. It’s helping businesses to customize their email content based on different audiences. It uses AI to match words, images, and videos with behavioral data so that the content matches with different psychological profiles of different demographics.

Bold360: Chat Bot

One of the ways AI is transforming businesses is through cost-cutting services. Chatbots like Bold360 is the perfect example of that as it allows a business to let the bot interact with consumers instead of hiring full-time customer support representatives. The bot is incredibly powerful which is evident by the fact that giants like Vodafone and Intuit also use it.

What makes Bold360 special is its patented natural language processing technology that allows for more natural and accurate conversations with online consumers. Its conversational AI is engineered to comprehend complex language with ease and address all kinds of questions with natural and human-like responses. It even allows customers to make purchases seamlessly.

Legal Robot: Automated Legal Analysis

It’s difficult for startups to bear the cost of legal aid even for small things like the analysis of agreements and contracts. It is an application that’s solving this problem for many small businesses across the globe by analyzing legal data automatically. Legal Robot can study all kinds of legal documents and agreements. It also suggests the best practices for entrepreneurs who don’t have experience in legal process handling.

Tamr: Data Mastering

Tamr is a data mastering platform that offers big data and analytics solutions for large and small enterprises. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve data unification and allow business owners to access a bird’s eye view of all the company’s metadata in one place. The platform works with both structured and semi-structured sources and you can connect it with unlimited spreadsheets, databases, and other third-party data streams for comprehensive data processing and analysis.

Better Days are Ahead

There is no denying that AI has become one of the most important subjects of research for the tech giants. We are making the technology more powerful and closer to human intelligence with each passing day. It’s only a matter of time when it has surpassed a certain threshold. Then we can depend on machine intelligence to help us with day-to-day tasks. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that better days are ahead for budding entrepreneurs.

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