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Apple planning major overhaul in Apple Watch with ‘Watch X’

Here is top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Apple planning major overhaul in Apple Watch with ‘Watch X’

According to Bloomberg report, Apple is planning a major overhaul for the Apple Watch in 2023 with the launch of a new series called Apple Watch X. Apple Watch X will reportedly boost redesigned case, a new magnetic band system and a faster processor. The redesigned case is said to be flatter and more square, similar to the design of the iPhone 13. The new band system is said to be more modular, making it easier to swap out bands. And the faster processor is said to allow for more advanced features, such as blood pressure monitoring and sleep tracking. Notably, this could be one of the most significant updates to Apple Watch since its launch in 2015.


California deploys AI to detect Wildfires

American state California is using artificial intelligence to detect wildfires before they start spreading.  The project, called Alert California AI, uses over 1,000 cameras with 360 degree rotating capability to monitor the state’s forests and deserts. The AI software analyzes the camera feeds for signs of smoke or other abnormalities, and can then alert firefighters to potential fires. The program has already been successful in detecting several potential wildfires. In July 2023, the AI software spotted a fledgling fire burning in the Cleveland National Forest east of San Diego. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within 45 minutes, thanks to the early warning from the AI.


X reduces eligibility requirements for creator monetization

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has lowered the eligibility requirements for creator monetization. As per updated rules, creators can now apply for monetization if they have minimum 500 followers, 5 million impressions in the past three months and a paid X Premium subscription. In the past, creators needed to have 1,000 followers and 15 million impressions in the past three months to be eligible for monetization. The lower eligibility requirements are a way for X to make it easier for more creators to make money from their content and also maintain study flow of traffic on the platform.


Instagram’s Thread losses 80 percent of daily active users  

According to a blog post by analytics firm Similarweb, Instagram Threads’ daily active users on the Android app has to 10.3 million daily active users as of August 7th. That’s down from a July 7th peak of 49.3 million. The massive drop in the daily active users can be attributed to number of factors like Threads not living up to the hype and sheer lack of features. However, Meta maintains that it will keep adding new features to Threads in the future. That said, it will still be a major challenge for Meta’s Threads to compete with established players like Twitter.


Apple’s macOS malware detection tool could be easily bypassed

A well-known security researcher named Patrick Wardle has found that Apple’s macOS Background Task Manager tool could be easily tricked and bypassed. The tool is supposed to spot potentially malicious software on your Mac machine, but Wardle found that it can be easily tricked by malware that is designed to evade detection. Wardle presented his findings at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas. Interestingly, most experts seem to agree with Wardle. This revelation could cause major embarrassment for Apple as macOS is generally considered to be one of the most secure operating systems.

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