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Is Elon Musk Planning to launch a new Social Media Platform

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Is Elon Musk Planning to launch a new Social Media Platform

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is probably pondering over a plan to launch a new social media platform. This is the buzz that Musk’s latest tweets have created among the netzines and his millions of followers on Twitter. Musk shared the plan to launch a new social media platform while responding to a question from a Twitter user. The Twitter user asked whether he is open to a plan to build a new social media platform using a open source algorithm (Read more)..


Spotify pulls out of Russia

Image Source: Flickr

Streaming giant Spotify announced on Friday that it will completely shut down its operation in Russia by end of April. Spotify justified its decision by citing that Russian authorities were constantly interfering with its operations. Spotify now joins scores of big tech and other prominent technology companies that have sought to backlist Russia in the aftermath of its attack on Ukraine (Read More)


Uber granted 30 month license to operate in London (Why it is such a big deal)

SoftBank's interest in Uber

Uber cabs will continue to ply on the streets of London as U.K’s transport regulator has decided to grant a 30 months license to the ride hailing major. The decision marks an end to Uber’s long spat with London’s transportation regulatory body, which had revoked Uber’s license twice during the last few years. Uber was able to continue operations in London post-revocation of its license after it got a reprieve from a local court in London. The granting of 30 month license will come as a huge boost for Uber as London is its biggest market in Europe (Read more)


Instagram users may soon be able to respond to stories with voice message

It was not long ago that Instagram allowed its users to respond to stories with ‘private likes.’ But now Instagram is planning to go one step ahead. According to tech professional Alessandro Paluzzi, the photo sharing platform is now working on a new feature that will allow users to respond to stories with a voice message. To prove his point, Paluzzi even shared Instagram’s new interface feature on his twitter handle (Read more)

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