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Stripe launches support for Crypto & NFT Payment – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology 


Stripe again launches Crypto & NFT Payment Support

American payment giant Stripe, which is the third most valued startup in the world, announced on Thursday that it is launching Crypto & NFT payment support. The company has unveiled wide-range of products for giving easier access to tools and APIs that will make easier for customers to buy & store cryptos, trade NFTs and handle compliance workflows like Know Your Customer (KYC). This is Stripe’s second outing with Cryptos, with its first inning ending in a discorded note. Stripe had ended all its support for ‘Bitcoin payment’ in 2018. Back then Stripe had called cryptos payment as ‘less useful’ (Read more)


DuckDuckGo (Google’s rival) to downrank Russian Content

Mirroring its arch rival Google, DuckDuckGo has also started joining the bandwagon of censoring Russian content. DuckDuckGo’s CEO Gabriel Weinberg announced that that privacy focused search engine has started demoting websites that are known for supporting Russian propaganda. Weinberg made this announcement on his Twitter handle and said that he was feeling equally sick over Russia’s military invasion against Ukraine (Read more)


Google rolls out Air Raid Alerts in Android Phones in Ukraine

Image source: Pixabay

Google on Thursday made an important announcement in its ongoing effort to help Ukrainians in coping against the ongoing Russian invasion. The tech giant announced that going forward rapid Air Raid alerts will be natively integrated in all android devices sold in Ukraine. Google said that it took this step after repeated request from the Ukraine government. This feature will send alters to users in designated location where there is huge possibility of air strikes (Read more)


Pinterest expand shopping features with Shopify checkout integration

Pinetrest Logo   

Pinterest on Thursday announced slew of new shopping features as it sought to give a major push to its e-commerce business. These announcements were made as part of its annual advertising summit. Among the several new features, the most notable feature is the Shopify checkout integration. This integration will allow Pinterest users to complete the shopping transaction within the app (Read more)


Facebook to temporarily allow violent content against Russian Soldiers & Putin

Facebook and Instagram have temporarily amended its content policy that allow users to post violent messages against Russian soldiers and even political leaders including Vladmir Putin. Both these social media platforms have implemented these changes only in selected countries including Ukraine. But users posting these violent messages will have to follow certain guidelines (Read more)


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