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Ukraine becomes the latest country to legalize Bitcoin – Top Tech News


Ukraine becomes the latest country to legalize Bitcoin  

Ukraine’s parliament has unanimously passed a law that legalizes cryptocurrency as a legal currency. With the passage of this law, Ukraine has now become the fifth country in as many weeks to adopt crypto (namely Bitcoin). Until today, in Ukraine bitcoin and most other cryptos traded as an illegal currency in the grey market. In June, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adapt bitcoin as legal tender.       


Twitter is testing communities to connect people with shared interest

Twitter is literally on a testing mode. Every other day there are reports that the microblogging giant is busy testing new features as it makes continuous efforts to increase its user base. Keeping with this trend, now the latest reports claims that Twitter is testing feature that seeks to bring topic based communities to its platform. This will be in the similar line of Reddit and Facebook Group but will have it own unique features. (Click here).      


Microsoft Azure fixes security flaw to keep hackers at bay

Logo of Microsoft….

Microsoft Azure on Thursday revealed that it has fixed a major security flaw to prevent hackers from exploiting it. The security issue was reported by Palo Alto Networks. Microsoft Azure has already notified some customers that they must change the login credentials as a precautionary measure. Last week, Microsoft had publicly announced that its cloud computing platform is plagued with security issues and is vulnerable to hackers. (Click here)


Your Gmail app may soon have Voice Calling capabilities

Logo of gmail on smartphone..image source: Flickr

Google is really keen to add voice calling capabilities to its Gmail app. This new add-on feature is part of the Google’s larger workspace update. With this new add on feature, Gmail users can call their contacts for having a quick conversation. (Click here)


Amazon Complains Elon Musk’s SpaceX of flouting rules      

Elon Musk
Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Amazon has said in its SEC filings that Elon Musk’s SpaceX doesn’t often play by the rules. It further accused that Musk’s space company openly flouts government imposed regulations in order to gain competitive advantages. Amazon’s response seems to be a fitting reply to Space X’s own set of accusations that were laid down in its own regulatory filings. In its SEC filings, SpaceX had accused Amazon of making attempts to undermine its ambitious Starlink project (Click more)         

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