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Facebook takes Biggest Step in Integrating its Messaging Platforms – Top Trending News

Top trending news from the world of technology.  


Facebook has Probably taken its Biggest Step yet in Integrating its Messaging Platforms

 Imagine sending a message via a messenger to your friend who is chatting on Instagram app. In simple tech language, this is called cross messaging app. Apart from this major overhauling, Facebook is adding host of new features to its DM system. Some of these new features include stuffs like vanishing messages, chat colors and custom emoji.  This is one of the major changes introduced to Instagram in recent years. The photo sharing platform has been one of the major revenue contributors to Facebook. To know more click here.


Twitter has a new Cyber Security Chief at its helm following the High-profile Breach

Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer has been vacant since December last year and this fact may be partly responsible for high profile hacking that took place in July. But this high profile position has now been filled by a woman known as Rinki Sethi. Sethi, who has previously worked with IBM, will have to ensure that the hacking fiasco never re-occurs.  To know more, click here.


Google rebrands its Flop Smart Speaker Brand with a new name – Nest Audio

Remember ‘Google Home.’ You don’t have to try too hard to recollect this brand as it has now a new brand name. It will be now called ‘Nest Audio.’ This rebranding strategy is probably Google’s attempt to revitalize its quest to conquer the smart speaker market. The tech giant has failed to conquer this emerging market while Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Echo have virtually become a successful brand. Google announced this re-naming at its annual hardware event where it unveiled some big products including a new pixel phone. To know more click here


U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has made Snapchat its strategic alley    

Today politicians have been known for aggressive using technology to woe voters and decisively win the election. This is exactly Joe Biden seems to be doing. However, Biden isn’t merely using only Facebook and Twitter, which have now become too traditional and predictable. The U.S. Presidential candidate has turned to Snapchat to woe the voters especially in the swing states.

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