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3 Best iOS Apps For Your Mental Wellness

Mental wellness and health are more important than ever, with suicide one of the biggest killers of people in the modern world. The statistics keep rising, despite mental health awareness growing and the amount of mental health professionals increasing.

But there are no quick fixes to mental health problems. There’s no doubt that mental health and wellness professionals are doing excellent work, but access to them is limited. High prices, a stigma that just won’t go away, and lengthy therapeutic relationships all stand in the way of millions of people getting the help they need.

Fortunately, app developers are doing their part in improving the range of options available for those suffering from mental illness. There is some groundbreaking software that is helping people who are really struggling.

One important type of software that goes some way to relieving stress is online security. The threat of violation of online privacy is enough to keep anyone up at night. Virtual private networks (VPNs) go a long way towards preventing violation of online privacy. Click through to find out what is the best VPN app for iPhone.

Here are the 3 best iOS apps for mental health and wellness.

  1. Calm


Mindfulness is now considered one of the most effective means of achieving your mental health goals. Meditation and breathing exercises are just two ways to begin living more mindfully. These exercises do not need to be intense or lengthy. They can be done in just a few minutes a day.

Calm is probably the best mindfulness and meditation app for iOS. It provides soothing sounds, in addition to guided meditations and breathing exercises, as well as guided relaxation to help you get to sleep.

It consistently comes up in lists for the best iOS apps in general and is most certainly one of the best mental wellness apps around.

  1. Stigma

One of the most important factors in mental health and wellness is having a support group. We all need people around us to help us get through the hard times. Unfortunately, mental illness still has a stigma that just won’t go away.


Stigma makes it easier to connect to a support system without having to worry about the stigma. It connects you with others going through similar problems, along with giving you some tools to help with those problems.

  1. PTSD Coach

PSTD Coach

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects many people who have gone through trauma of any kind. It is especially common in veterans who have seen active combat. It has been ignored too much in the past, leading many veterans to instead seek relief through drugs. Alternatively, the condition has prevented their proper functioning to the extent that they cannot keep jobs and end up on the streets.

PTSD Coach makes treatment that much more accessible with a handy iOS app. Developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD, it provides tools to track and manage the illness. It takes us one step closer to dealing with a problem that has been around since long before people first started going to war, and has been affecting societies in an unquantifiable way.

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