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10 Cr Dinning Table: The new talking point in Ashneer Grover Saga

The Ashneer Grover – BharatPe saga has now come down to ‘personal assets.’ To be more specific, it is lavish dinning table tucked somewhere in Grover’s dinning hall that has added a rather comical twist to the Grover saga. And this comical act was played out in full public glare on Twitter. But what really imploded this latest fiasco was a Bloomberg report, which cited unnamed sources, claiming that Grover used BharatPe and its investors’ money for splurging on his costly personal assets including a 10 Cr dining table.

Spurred by this allegation, Grover hit back by giving out his side of story on his Twitter handle.

Grover tweeted on March 13 that Is it a space rocket? Is it a time machine? No it’s a ₹10cr dining table !! Haha ! I don’t hold the Guinness World Record for most expensive table ever. Nor do I intend to.”

He also requested the press that they should not fall for lies doled out by undisclosed sources.

Grover later followed this with another follow-up tweet that sought to shed light on the alleged discrepancy in the cost of dinning table. He claimed in his tweet that the actual price of dinning table is not even 0.5% of the estimated 10 Cr price that has been quoted by several media reports. Grover further added in his tweet that he would rather spend astronomical amount in creating jobs for 1000 people.

BharatPe’s former CEO did not stop at this and later tweeted that the current CEO Sammer Suhil within one year of joining BharatPe had bought a BMW Z4 Convertible sports car while he had to be contend with second hand Porsche. He even tweeted the photo of his Porsche car.

Grover had resigned as BharatPe’s CEO and from company’s board nearly two weeks ago following months of high octane drama that was triggered by his controversial phone call to Kota Mahindra’s executive.

That phone call would probably go down as one of the watershed moments in Grover’s career. Not only it took toll on his public image but put an end to his glorious career in one of India’s fastest growing fintech company.

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