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The Purpose

Founded in 2008, TechPluto is a vibrant platform for emerging startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products/services to an audience that has an insatiable appetite for ALL THINGS TECH. If you(or your team) has built an awesome piece of tech product(Software, hardware, app, SaaS etc), we’re all ears!

While our first love remains reviewing Startups and featuring Entrepreneurs, we also cover the latest in tech circles, financial prospects of global unicorns and often write on topics that are simply meant to solve tech problems.

The Team

Prashant Sharma – Editor-in-Chief

Besides leading Accunite, a leading Digital Media company with Global clientele, he leads the editorial charge at TechPluto and remains obsessed about testing and reviewing early-stage startups. He also relishes featuring founders/CEOs and their entrepreneurial journey on MotivationMachine to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth and keep the ‘fighting’ entrepreneurs charged up with constant doses of motivation.


Uma Shankar – Associate Editor

A tech-enthusiast, avid reader and creative content writer, hailing from Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India. With 10+ years of extensive experience in the field of Computer networking and Technical writing for various Multinational Corporations, I have also authored several technology blogs and magazines. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering and also an M.Tech – Software Systems from BITS Pilani.

Gaurav Ojha – Associate Editor

Gaurav Ojha is your normal playstation craved next-door guy. But not considering the hours spent playing games, he is a person who lives because technology does. Reading and writing techno articles, blogs and reviewing software are but his other ‘duties’. As a part of the techpluto team, wishes to explore much greater technological avenues and reaching out to more techno freaks like himself.

Harshit Sinha  Associate Editor

Harshit Sinha is an internet based entrepreneur and avid blogger. His passion for technology and gadgets is outdone only by his need to write. He has been writing tech-blogs and reviews since he was in high school and has been widely published over several techno websites. As a part of TechPluto Harshit aims at giving a fresh outlet to his writing prowess.

Sudhindra Rao – Staff Writer

Sudhindra is a Digital Communications Professional, who began his career as a web developer & made his way to Web Designing, SEO and Internet Marketing thereafter. Presently, he’s employed with Hanmer MS&L, Mumbai where he handles Digital Comms. for various clients ranging from MNCs to Indigenous ones.

Rajat Kapoor – Staff Writer

A teenage Tech Freak with quite an obsession for the latest in Tech, ‘Gadget know-how’ is his best intellectual asset till date. Albeit his love for music and movies, all his interests take a back seat when some highly anticipated gadget leaks out on the web!


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