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Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Twitter suffered Unprecedented Outage Globally due to’ API Issue

Twitter on Monday suffered a brief yet massive outage with users across the world especially complaining that they were unable to open external links on Twitter and read the articles of the external website. This problem lasted for almost an hour or so, according to the reports. Musk later tweeted that “small API changes had massive ramifications” on the microblogging platform. Notably, last month Twitter had announced that it will be discontinuing free access of its API to outside developers in an attempt to ramp up its monetization strategy. Experts, on the other hand, are blaming Twitter’s current limited employee bench strength for the outage issue.


Meta is planning to cut more jobs this week

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, is likely to cut more jobs this week as the social media giant continues with its cost-cutting measures. However, there is still no clarity exactly how many jobs Meta is planning to eliminate in the latest round of layoffs. In November last year, the Mark Zuckerberg led company laid off as many as 11,000 employees in what was the biggest layoff in its corporate history. Perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures especially with Zuckerberg’s ambitious plan to pivot his social media company to metaverse has clearly failed to cheer up the investors.         


Microsoft Outlook is now free on MacOS

how to recall email in outlook

Microsoft Outlook is finally going free on MacOS. This means that now Mac users don’t need Microsoft 365 subscription or Microsoft Office license to use Outlook app. The all new Outlook app has been updated for both M1 and M2 chip and is even integrated with a calendar entry widget and support for notification center. Additionally, the macOS version of Outlook also supports IOS devices, letting the users to seamlessly switch from IOS to macOS and continue with the task from where you left from.


Microsoft to hold a ‘future of work’ AI event on March 16th


Capitalizing on the ChatGPT hype and its subsequent integration to the Bing search engine, Microsoft is now planning a grand AI event on March 16th called “Future of Work with AI.”  Although no one really exactly knows what will entail at the event, sources close to the matter claim that the Microsoft is likely to announce event greater integration of AI into all its software and apps including Microsoft 365 and Teams. While in recent years Microsoft has been integrating AI & ML technology into all its leading software & apps, this process is now likely to be expeditated following ChatGPT’s success and Microsoft recently increasing its stake in ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI.


Tesla again slashes the prices of its popular models in U.S

Tesla has once again lowered the prices of its popular EV models in the U.S. market as it looks to boost the sales and stay ahead of its competitors. According to TechCrunch, the Model S all Wheel drive will be now available for $89, 990 (down from 5.2 percent or nearly $500 from $94,990) while the Model S Plaid will be sold at $109,990 (down 4.3% from $114,990). According to reports, Tesla has slashed the prices of its popular EV models in several European markets. Musk is appreantly under pressure to show good sales numbers to investors as Tesla stocks have performed poorly in recent months.

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