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Traffic Junky Review

Are you an advertiser looking for a flexible and cheap online advertising solution to display your ads to targeted audience? TrafficJunky is the right choice for you….

TrafficJunky is a popular online advertising network which offers an efficient and powerful advertising platform based on CPM (Cost per thousand) model. CPM is marketing term which is used to refer to the price of thousand advertisement impressions on a single web page. TrafficJunky Inc. is a privately held web advertising company which was founded in the year 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. TrafficJunky is one of the biggest online advertising networks with more than 141 million daily visitors and 2.2 billion mobile and web ad impressions every day. They have been successfully running their ad network for more than eight years and considered to be a reliable and premium advertising platform by their trusted customers.



TrafficJunky helps to drive a high volume of authentic traffic to your website and achieve your online marketing goals through targeted advertising. Their CPM-bidding ad network is very cost-effective and helps both publishers and advertisers to boost their revenue through amazing content monetizing solutions. By registering with TrafficJunky, you can deliver your mobile, tablet and web traffic ads to a targeted group of audience.

How it works?

The CPM-bidding model is very flexible and is profitable for both publishers and advertisers by making sure that the advertising cost is determined based on market value. The pricing is regulated based on the supply and demand of web traffic which is taken care by their proprietary algorithms. It will consider the bid by each advertiser and will automatically allocate traffic from publisher websites accordingly.  Also, they have a geo-targeting solution which can target your ads to specific cities, countries or regions based on your choice. They have a campaign creator feature which is very simple and easy to understand. They also provide a dynamic tracking feature to see the impressions and revenue share for your website URL.

When you become a member of TrafficJunky, your approved blogs and websites will become part of TrafficJunky’s Run of Network (RON). Once your website or blog becomes a part of the TrafficJunky’s ad network, publishers will be able to display their ads on your websites. TrafficJunky has a huge network of websites that generate large volumes of ad impressions.  As an Advertiser, you will find it very easy and flexible to make use of this CPM-based ad-serving platform.

If you are an advertiser, you can bid for advertisement space on popular websites based on their ranking. You are free to choose any website of your choice. Also, all the websites are reviewed thoroughly for quality and authenticity by experienced editors before approving them to TrafficJunky’s ad network. If you are a publisher, your website will be visible to millions of prospective advertisers and you will be offered the best price for publishing ads on your website. Hence this CPM-based bidding system is flexible and creates a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers.

As a publisher, you will be part of a premium CPM-based ad network which ensures you will get paid for each and every impression received through your website. The bidding system is very flexible and you will get the possible rates for your website. The proprietary algorithms designed by the experts at TrafficJunky ensures that your website gets a 100% fill rate and all your ad spaces are taken by quality advertisements from advertisers across the globe.


  1. Very user-friendly and flexible CPM-based bidding model which offers a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.
  2. They offer a detailed stats reporting system which helps you to dynamically track the performance of your ads. It will show all the details like total impressions, revenue, active websites, competitor websites, unpaid revenue share and revenue graph for impressions from different regions.
  3. Payouts are offered on weekly basis and you have flexible payment options like US wire transfer, FirstChoice Pay, PayPal, International wire transfer, Paxum etc. The minimum payout on TrafficJunky is $50.
  4. They also offer 10% referral commission program but their referral program is limited only to advertisers.
  5. The prices are very cheap and you can advertise for as low as $0.01 per 1000 impressions. Also the minimum deposit required as an advertiser to register with their ad network is only $25.


  1. TrafficJunky offers only banner ads as a solution to publishers. There are no other options like flash ads or pop-up ads.
  2. They don’t have options to target specific ISP or demographics.
  3. Their top publisher websites are mostly adult website like Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn etc. Hence, if you don’t want to display your ads on such adult websites, you might not be interested in their ad platform.

Overall TrafficJunky is a very cost-effective, flexible and reliable advertising solution based on CPM model which is suitable for any online business. Also if you are a publisher who wants to get consistent revenue through quality ads display on your website, you can choose to join the TrafficJunky’s ad network.


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