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Tech Giants Are Coming Together – Apple, Google, Amazon To Create ‘CHIP’


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Apple, Google, and Amazon, the tech worlds behemoths are coming together to create the next smart home standard called CHIP. Not just these three but several other well-known firms will participate in the project, including Ikea. The group has started working under the project name “Project Connected Homes Under IP.” It’s an open-source project. You can access the website for more information. Other firms in the smart home industry are invited to take part in this initiative. Link.



Tesla’s Record Run, Stock Reaches An All-Time High

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Tesla is having a good time. Its stocks have risen 4% on Wednesday marking a historical highest point at $393.15 per share. When automotive giants are still struggling to find a viable electric competitor, Tesla is raking all the gains in this industry. Link.



Uber Will Pay $4.4 M In Sexual Harassment Case Settlement

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Uber will pay $4.4 million in a sexual harassment case settlement. The amount will go into a fund for the victims of sexual violence. It will also create a system where it will detect the inactions of managers against such cases. Link.



Bezos’ Space Race Starts With Giant Headquarters On Earth

Blue Origin

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Jeff Bezos’ obsession with space isn’t new. Now things are getting clear as to how the eCommerce giant plans on to start its space journey. The Jeff Bezos’ company’s project Kuiper will launch 3200 satellites into space. To achieve this and to compete with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the company will build giant headquarters at Redmont, Washington. The plan is to provide low-cost internet service throughout the world. Link.



Pornhub Reveals Interesting Stats About Android Use In 2019

Pornhub insights

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Google hasn’t released any stats for Android use for the year 2019. Since May 2019, Google didn’t update its stats on apps being used on different versions of Android. But Pornhub has released its app usage on various versions of Android and it shows that Android 10 usage is low. Link.


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