#4 Reasons Your Product/Service/Startup Needs


In-depth Priority Review


#1 Reviewed by our editorial team (Unbiased)

Our startup listings have a disclaimer that it’s a mere ‘Information listing‘ of your startup rather than an evaluation or review. ‘In-depth Priority review’ is what most of our audiences trust and look up to.


#2 Promotion via Social Media Blast 

We broadcast our In-depth reviews through our 35k+ strong Social Media following.
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#3 Featured on our ‘Homepage’ and Dedicated section

Your startup review is featured on our site homepage as well as archived in a dedicated section called ‘Featured Startups‘. This helps you get more eyeballs and exposure.



#4 Boost to “Online Reputation”

‘Credible reviews’ is what your potential customers look for, before making the crucial ‘Buying’ decision. Having authoritative Industry websites review your startup adds a lot of weight to your brand’s online reputation as keyword searches such as ‘<Startup name> Review‘ reflects strong online reputation of your startup.



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